Online Dating: Men vs Women [Infographic]

Looking for love online?  While you might think that the digital world of personality profiles and automatic matches eliminates the blind guessing of, say, picking up a stranger in a bar, the truth is that online dating has its own unique science of rules and expectations.  In fact, online dating is often more complicated than its real-world counterpart, given both the limited amount of information that’s made available on public profiles and peoples’ natural inclination to stretch the truth to make themselves look as good as possible!

All of these factors combine to make the online dating world a difficult place to navigate.  For example, did you know that women who use a trendy “Myspace” style picture as their profile shot get an average of nine more new contacts each month than women whose profiles feature images of their pets?  Or that men are seven times more likely than women to lie about their full birthdays on their online dating profiles?

If you want to increase your odds of finding a good match online, you’ve got to know the numbers behind the online dating industry.  Check out the info graphic below to find out how men and women each use dating sites, what it takes to get your profile noticed and how you can improve your chances of finding a match online.

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