Why Won’t He Commit?

Men have a lot of fears about relationships and commitment and although it might seem like men only want to have their cake and eat it, deep down, a lot of men want a great and committed relationship too, they are just very good at not showing it and can remain frustratingly elusive. It might […]

Get That Man!

It can be so difficult to find someone that you are really attracted to, but equally frustrating when you have found the man of your dreams and yet, he doesn’t really know that you even exist. You see him most days perhaps on the bus to work or in the office, you know that he’s single, perhaps […]

Who Cares About Age?

Have you ever glanced across the room and made eye contact with a man who seemed charming, mature and distinguished? Did you notice that little bit of grey around his hairline and thought how wonderful he looked?  Did you toy with the idea of some mild flirtation and wondered whether an older man might be […]