The Best Online Dating sites of 2012.

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Top 5 Online Dating Sites


  • · is a free online dating site that offers dating tools like online chat, personals and forums.
  • · High quality online chat system to members so they can instantly talk to thousands of members
  • · Create a profile, view member profiles, send and receive emails from other members and share photos

(1,629 Reviews)

  • · have helped single men and single women meet, flirt, date and fall in love online.
  • · has over 5,000,000 million members and serves in 24 countries worldwide.
  • · Send unlimited emails to other members and see who’s been viewing your profile.

(1,272 Reviews)

  • · is one of the largest dating sites for singles looking for marriage, romance, or a partnership
  • · A foolproof system where you can instantly have a connection with someone even before the first date.
  • · Personality test created by internationally renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher

(1,443 Reviews)

  • · eHarmony is the #1 trusted dating site that connects men and women want love in their life.
  • · 542 avg people get married each day after having met on eHarmony.
  • · eHarmony pre-scans matches so you only meet people who are guaranteed to have real potential.

(1,477 Review)

  • · started in 1997 making them one of the pioneers in the online dating industry.
  • · Currently hosting over 10 million members world wide.
  • · You can feel good knowing that they're adding around 100,000 new members every month.

(1,169 Review)
Hi! I'm Pamela Page and I've created The Truth About Online Dating from my years of experience with online dating web sites. It's really difficult finding that special someone, especially when you're looking in the wrong places. Before I discovered online dating, I use to meet people at bars and coffee shops. Unfortunately, I've meet the wrong type of people and my relationships were chaotic. Then as I was introduced to various dating sites, I realized that quality of people online was much superior, especially since I can weed out all the weirdos with a click of a mouse. I finally met that special someone and things have been great since.

Now I'd like to help others who are the same shoes (men and women) and guide them through the ups and downs and online dating. I've put together the best dating sites that have worked for me in the past as well as all the people who read my blog. Since this blog's gotten so much exposure, the dating sites above have allowed me to give my readers a free trial. So check it out and let me know how experience is.

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