Beat Dating Rejection

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Dating rejection is something that everyone has to experience at some point, but it can be hard to see it with anything but emotional attachment especially if it has happened several times. Bear in mind that rejection can often happen in Internet dating because the medium provides the opportunity for people to contact several at once and to meet them all within a short period of time. With so many people to choose from, rejections are to be expected.

Your evening out might have been great-from your perspective and this view might also be shared by your date but that doesn’t mean that they won’t meet someone else and experience a deep shared chemistry with said other. As disappointing as this can be, and yes, it’s hard to view it dispassionately, it does not mean that you are a lesser person, just that you are not right romantically for them or they for you if they are looking for different qualities than the ones that you possess.

If you enter the dating arena and approach every potential date with the view that you might get rejected, then the chances are that you will. You have to develop the right mindset from the word go. It’s vital that you project feelings of confidence (over confidence is not advised) and portray your inner sense of self-esteem.

Being confident and comfortable in your own skin will help you to feel more relaxed during any dates. Don’t even attempt to second guess what any others are thinking about you. You can only be yourself and go out to enjoy yourself. Of course it can be difficult if you meet someone and feel an instant attraction but make sure it is reciprocated before you rush head on into any relationship or even covet these kinds of thoughts as this would make any rejection so much worse but could actually put a great deal of pressure on your date to reciprocate or to run for the hills.

Don’t forget that any potential date is also trying to impress you. They will be experiencing the same doubts and fears that you do. Going on dates is after all, a nerve-wracking experience but it should be enjoyed all the same. Fears and self-doubts should not start creeping into the equation. You need to ask yourself, are you a nice and genuine person? Do you deserve to be in a good relationship? If the answer is yes, then why wouldn’t someone ask think that about you too?

Both men and women are attracted to their confident opposites and it’s blatantly obvious when that inner confidence is lacking. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident, then you won’t project that either so it may be an idea to work on this aspect of your nature before setting your heart on finding that perfect match romantically. There is nothing wrong with being shy or having feelings of insecurity, we all feel that way at times and everyone would probably change one aspect of themselves if they could easily do so, but the difference is that others do  not let it affect them when they go out and meet people. If you do, that would be the reason why you get dating rejections.  It’s all down to confidence a lot of the time.

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about your dates? Do you plan what you are going to say or wonder what they are thinking throughout the evening? If yes, you are probably projecting an air of tension and uncertainty which is sure to be picked up on. Successful dating is all about being you. Don’t get caught up on what may or may not happen. If it’s meant to happen it will do and it will be because you are not playing any role or worrying about the date. The most important aspect of any date is to enjoy it. You want the evening to go well, you want to be able to walk away and remember what fun you had, irrespective of any second date. If you act naturally, relax and have fun, you will find that you immediately become more attractive and great company and that’s the key to avoiding dating rejections.

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