Blind Date Tips That Work

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You have been moaning about your single status for months, and wondering why there are no gorgeous or single men to sweep you off your feet and to tempt you back into a relationship when suddenly out of the blue; your best friend tells you that she has set you up with a blind date. The initial rush of excitement suddenly passes into intense feelings of panic as you anticipate all that could go horribly wrong.

Blind dates can be terrifying but also extremely exciting and the way to embrace any unexpected dating encounter is to take note of the following top tips:

Wherever you are meeting your blind date, whether alone or at a dinner party for example, go with an open mind. If you have only seen a picture of him or if you have no real idea of what he will look like at all, you could be setting yourself up for real disappointment if you form a mental image of him. Go out with the concept that you may well make a new friend if not lover and this way, you will give him a chance to impress without putting any pressure on either of you.

If you are a naturally nervous person, or if you don’t trust your friend’s judgement when it comes to men, arrange a lunch date rather than meeting for a whole evening. At least this way, if you are really not keen on him, you can say a polite goodbye and head back to work, but if you do like him of course, you may be wishing that you had arranged a nice cosy evening date instead.

Blind dates might be great fun but always arrange an opt-out clause and tell your friends where you are going to be. If you are simply making up the numbers at a dinner party then this doesn’t really apply but if the date involves just the two of you, get a friend to call you and check on you during the evening and always update them with a quick text if you leave your location. The chances are that the guy is lovely-especially if the date has been arranged by a friend but you can never be too careful.

It’s always a good idea to pay your way and to set this out at the start of the evening. This way, you remain in control and will avoid any unwanted expectations later.

It’s important to create the mind frame so that you just go out and enjoy yourself and to not worry about how the date is going to go. If you start worrying or feel desperate to make a good impression, you will simply tie yourself up in knots and send out the wrong type of vibe. You have to relax and be yourself. If he is going to be attracted to you, then he has to know the real you.

Listening to your date is a complimentary thing to do but more than that, it’s important if you are going to get to know him. Your date might be gorgeous but try to refrain from being besotted by his winning smile or sexy eyes, listen to what he says because whilst you might fancy him, his conversation could be really off-putting.  Don’t simply sit and agree to everything that he says if your views are different, instead join in the conversation and debate, you may as well act the way that you normally would.

When it’s time to leave and assuming that you are not breathing a sigh of relief, you might be unsure of the blind date protocol at this point. You don’t have to kiss him if it doesn’t feel right or can simply give him a peck on the cheek. Don’t feel obliged to say that you want to see him again if you really don’t, there is no point stringing him along or being too blunt.

Whatever happens on the blind date, just enjoy the experience and you never know it could be the start of something big.



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