Breaking Up Clues You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Are you in a relationship and have been convinced right from the start that this man is the one for you? Do you think of him as your soul mate? The man that you have been waiting for all of your life? If yes, then you should be in seventh heaven right now? There is nothing as wonderful as that feeling of falling in love and of caring for someone so much.


However, these feelings of love can suddenly start to come crashing in around you and you might have just started feeling that something is terribly wrong and the thought scares you half to death. If you have a horrible sinking feeling that your relationship has started dwindling, it pays to heed your gut feelings because they will likely be right.


There are lots of reasons why a seemingly good relationship can start to have problems but you need to consider whether there are enough indicators to really affirm your fears:


Does your partner always seem busy? Too busy in fact to spend a lot of time with you? Whilst there will be times no doubt when he is genuinely busy, do you feel that he is pushing you out of his life and making silly excuses to spend more time alone or with friends?


Does he mention that sometimes he needs space? Does he feel that you are constantly at him for attention-even if you are not? Has he suggested taking a break from each other after a row?

Do you receive less texts or phone calls from him now? At the start he used to contact you all of the time but now you may not even hear from him one day and you need to know why.


Has he stopped introducing you as his girlfriend at social functions? Have you suddenly been relegated back to friendship status? Or not really introduced properly at all? If you mention that you are thinking of booking a holiday, does he seem almost reluctant to confirm that he can go especially if the holiday is months away?


Is your partner greatly preoccupied with how he looks and dresses? Have you found receipts for new clothes in his pocket and is he getting calls from unlisted numbers or strange texts? Worse, when you question your partner about his behaviour towards you or the number of anonymous calls that he gets, he merely bites your head off and snaps at you for your paranoia.


If he is starting to act guiltily, he may have met someone else or at least be fighting his attraction for another woman. This is a horrible thing to have to face but always, always remember your self-respect. You might love him to bits but if he has stopped loving you and has started losing respect and consideration for you, then you might have to accept that what you have left, is purely a sham of a relationship and that it is going nowhere. If you are not happy, you owe it to yourself to get out and to find someone who can make you happy.


Before you go rushing off into the sunset with your bags all packed, do spend a bit of time (if you haven’t already) just talking to him about your feelings. The outcome might be a foregone conclusion and realistically, he might not want to talk about your feelings at all because this means having to be honest about his own, but you have a right to have your say and to give it a last ditch attempt.


Cold, indifferent behaviour is a real indicator that somehow the love has died and that he doesn’t feel the same anymore. There are a multitude of reasons as to why this occurs but try not to take it as a personal slight on you, people fall in and out of love all of the time and it’s better to know now even if it does hurt. If the writing really is on the wall, then take heed and be prepared to move on. Nothing is worse than a woman desperate to hold on and at least you may be able to end as friends and to avoid any feelings of bitterness if you see each other in the future.

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