Brush Up on Your Emotional Fitness

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Loving someone means that you will be there for them through thick and thin, the good times and the bad and providing full emotional support if your partner is feeling less than happy, and is a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds of love. Emotional support isn’t of course about jumping into bed with each other and helping your partner to forget for awhile at least about any problems, although this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do that, but support is intuitive and is a necessary part of your love for each other.

Some people are not very tactile naturally and if this sounds like you, it can be difficult for you to reach out and to touch your partner in a supportive way because your touch is translating your deepest feelings and integrity and this may be uncomfortable for some. If your partner needs some emotional support however, you have to get past these barriers. Emotional support can be a simple squeeze of his hand, or walking hand in hand, or slipping your arm around his shoulder and letting him know that you are there for him.

Surprise him with little gifts from time to time and show him that you are thinking of him. These small acts can make a big difference to him and will really work to cement your relationship. If you think your partner is special and maybe he needs to see how much you care, an inexpensive but well-thought out gift says a lot about your feelings without you having to say a thing.

Saying the words ‘I love you’ is important from time to time. Your partner might not need to hear it every single day but it does give that fuzzy warm feeling when you do and will make you both glad to be a relationship. It shows appreciation and tenderness and helps to consolidate your feelings for each other.  You might think that he knows just how you feel about him but a little spontaneous ‘I love you’ will make his day.

As much as you might love your partner to bits, there will be times when you just do not agree with each other but if you need to voice your opinion, do it in a gentle way and don’t just dismiss his feelings without some consideration. Similarly, some couples make the mistake of airing their differences in public and this can chip away at the foundations of your relationship if you start putting him down in front of others, or him you of course. Emotional support is about being there and caring for the other person and not verbally pulling each other to pieces just because either of you disagree with any comments made. Your discussions need no audience, only each other.

Men don’t always communicate well especially if they are experiencing feelings of angst and it is important that you encourage them to talk if possible but to also to take time to listen even if it’s difficult because your partner is irritable or wounded emotionally. Relationships are hard work and at certain times you will need to be able to communicate your feelings in a caring way that shows him that he has your utmost support whatever the situation.

A friendly hug, the slightest touch or a gentle kiss can be enough to show just how much you care and even if things are difficult, you have to imagine just what it would be like if your partner wasn’t there. How different would your life be and potentially how much would you miss him? Never be afraid to show your feelings and let your love shine through. Just remember, one day you might need emotional support and he will be there for you too.

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