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Succumbed to Temptation? Now What?

Unless you are made of stone, the chances are you would have been tempted to cheat at least one time during your life. It doesn’t matter how deeply committed you are to your partner or how much you love and care for them, at the end of the day, there will be someone who enters [...]

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Cheating! Is Your Man Having An Affair?

There is nothing like having that awful nagging feeling that your beloved partner might be sneaking out to meet another woman. The suspicion and the doubts churn you up inside and you feel totally insecure in your relationship. Worse, you feel betrayed. How could he do that to you, why would he do that to [...]

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Are you Guilty of Infidelity?

When you first meet someone and experience the dizzy heights of love, the last thing that you might be thinking of is that at some point you are going to be guilty of infidelity but that’s what happens to many people in often surprisingly good relationships. If you think about it, infidelity means that you [...]

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