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Blind Date Tips That Work

You have been moaning about your single status for months, and wondering why there are no gorgeous or single men to sweep you off your feet and to tempt you back into a relationship when suddenly out of the blue; your best friend tells you that she has set you up with a blind date. [...]

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He’s Really into You, Isn’t He?

So you went out and had a sizzling first date. He laughed at every single joke that you made, he sympathized with your past dating failures and he admired your get up and go and all of your successes, and most importantly, you felt that the chemistry between you sparked like mad when he finally [...]

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Get That Man!

It can be so difficult to find someone that you are really attracted to, but equally frustrating when you have found the man of your dreams and yet, he doesn’t really know that you even exist. You see him most days perhaps on the bus to work or in the office, you know that he’s single, perhaps [...]

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