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Embrace Dating in Your 40’s and Find Romance

Dating for the 40’s age group is a whole new ball game and unfortunately few people in their 40’s escape from being emotionally battle scarred so starting out again can be a scary place. Divorce or a break-up can leave severe emotional traumas that will take time to disappear so if you are thinking of [...]

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Top Dating Put-Off’s

Dating is a tricky business, there is so much that can go wrong after all, and if you have been single and in the dating arena for a while, you will  no doubt have come to that realisation all for yourself, so what can you do to avoid these dating no-no’s? Well firstly, dating dislikes [...]

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When to Say Yes to More…

There is no doubt that for the majority of people, sex is an intrinsic and important part of any relationship. Sexual desire can occur in an instant though, so what do you do if you have only just met someone and his smile just makes you want to dissolve?  It’s unlikely you are going to [...]

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