Classic Dating Mistakes

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How many times have you looked back at your life and agonized over mistakes that you have made? Maybe you really fancied that guy but knew that the moment you opened your mouth and mentioned how you were falling in love that it was going to be a costly error on your part. Sure enough, he raced off into the sunset the moment the date was finished and your phone had stayed silent ever since. Dating mistakes are common though and you won’t be the first or the last person to make a romantic clanger, all you can do is to learn from your mistakes and to try not to make any more.

Game playing is one of the biggest no-no’s and to try and avoid and yet, everybody indulges in a little game playing at some point or another. Initially, you might be trying to stay as cool as a cucumber and not show how much you like some guy. Playing it cool, being a little aloof might make you feel safe but you might just show that you are not interested. Other game playing tactics to avoid is declaring your love and passion and then not calling them the next day. Whilst you might think that it mainly men who play those kinds of games, you would be wrong. Women are just as guilty at times. Forget playing games, instead just be yourself. If your date doesn’t like you for the person that you are, then you’re wasting your time anyway.

Similarly, you might meet someone new and really feel that this guy just might be the one. You are so compatible, you share so many interests, you laugh at the same things, have the same moral standards and yes, you really can see this romance as being the love of your life. The moment that you start fantasising about your future, stop yourself immediately. Remember if you have only just met your date a few times, you don’t really know each other and both of you will be on your best behaviour at the moment. Label your fantasies as a temporary sanity and whatever you do, do not share your dreams with your date.

If Mr. Perfect starts being unreliable and failing to turn up for dates or, if he starts turning up late with no apology or excuse, then don’t ignore these warning signs. Do you really want someone in your life who is unreliable and who doesn’t care for you enough to be respectful? The answer should be no. If it happens once or twice for very good reasons, then don’t jump to conclusions, but if this behaviour starts to become the norm, then it’s time to get out.

Interrogating your date is another no-no. I commend you if you have an abundance of questions to ask and you really do have an interest in finding out more about your romantic partner for the evening but don’t make it sound like you really are interrogating him. Remember, pause for breath and let him answer. He might even have a few questions for you.

A big turn-off is when the conversation turns towards your ex. We all have ex’s it’s a part of adult life that we meet people, fall in love and fall out of love but whatever your feelings towards that ex, don’t go overboard with your new date and talk it to death. You might hate your ex partner beyond belief and for good reason but your new date might only be thinking that you sound a bit bitter and twisted and panic might start to set in. Old baggage belongs in the dark recesses of your mind; don’t bring it into any new relationship. Okay, it’s easier said than done but don’t taint your new relationship with your old, especially in the early days.

Another dating mistake to avoid is not being honest about your needs. If your new date asks you what you would most like out of any relationship, you should always be honest. If you really want to fall in love and eventually have children, then tell him that. He might feel the same. If he says he really doesn’t want children ever, then at least you know, but there is no point making out you feel the same and then hoping that if things progress he might change his mind.

Successful dating is about more than being honest with your date, it’s about having the courage to be honest with yourself and you are certainly likely to have less dating errors as a result.

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