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Internet dating offers you a great way to meet some exciting new people with the view of course that your ideal partner, your soul mate might well be out there.  Internet dating affords you the opportunities of meeting lots of people including those who are outside of your social circle and outside of your local area increasing your chances of meeting someone If you have never used online dating before, then you should approach it with enthusiasm and excitement but you should always, always approach it with caution as well. This might sound a bit worrying but in the grand scheme of things, you can meet unpleasant people wherever you go socially. Your night out with friends to a local bar will expose you to potentially meeting many others who you might not wish to have in your life. Some incompatible, others just unsavoury. Internet dating is no different.

The real threat however is that there are many people on the Internet who are not what they seem to be. Unfortunately, they use the Internet dating sites to find others to exploit, this can be because they are married or in long-term relationships and are just looking for a little extra fun but it can be a whole lot more sinister too. There are women who weave a web of lies about their situation; they target men who live in other countries and over a period of time, hook their virtual date sufficiently enough to ask for money so that they can fly over supposedly to meet them. Often, the alias is completely false and it’s just another scam. But there are many vulnerable men who have made the mistake of transferring across a lot of money, because they genuinely believed that they were in a relationship and were going to meet the woman of their dreams, finally.

But it’s not just men who get caught out. Women have parted with their hard-earned savings too in the hopes that a particular man is the one for them and they believe in them and trust them. But it’s about more than money; there can be unpleasant undertones in connection with these men. It’s easy for anyone to hide their history and to re-invent themselves online. There is no way really of knowing just how genuine that they are or how nice.

So it makes sense to protect yourself and to ensure that your experiences with online dating are good ones. Always tell someone where you are going, keep in touch with loved ones and friends throughout the evening. A quick text offers some protection and at least people know where you are and who you are with. Always choose an area to meet which is busy and populated by plenty of others so that should you feel a little uneasy, it’s easy to make an escape route or to ask for assistance. Always avoid travelling alone with your date as well, at least until you have gotten to know each other a little more and feel relaxed.

This might sound very extreme but you have to remember that with online dating, you meet in a virtual world, so everything that is discussed online, cannot be confirmed, you have to trust that they are telling the truth. Now, I would never suggest that you spend your time checking and double-checking everything that your date says, but always keep an open mind that not everything may be true. In addition, the Internet dating world can easily make you believe these virtual impressions, you see a photo or two and you certainly like the look of your date but your perception of this person is formed by emails and text messages mainly. You might feel that it is real because you get pleasure from their emails or when they text you telling you that they miss you but in reality, your perception could be very wrong and until you meet up, you will not know for sure whether you even like them.

Always take your time getting to know someone and ensure that you don’t become the next Internet Scam statistic. It pays to be a little street-wise and to protect yourself. You will soon know when and if you should start to trust them after you have met up a few times.



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