Body Language Explained: Keys to Subtle Clues in Dating

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Did you know that body language forms between 60-90% of human interaction and communication? By that rationale, you would think that we are all body language experts. However, this is not always the case.

Most of our in-person interactions are colored by below-the-radar signals from friends, relatives, baristas, co-workers and perhaps most tellingly, dates. But being aware of body language on the primal level and understanding body language on a more useful level are two very different things.

Body Language Explained: Women

Body language often differs between males and females, and the body language of women can be a bit more subtle and a bit less aggressive than that in males. However, determining what a woman’s body language conveys is just as ultimately straightforward as that of her male counterparts.

The Green Light: Fidgeting

When women are interested in men, one of the first signs you can detect is agitation. This doesn’t mean she’s annoyed with you, but she may be fidgety. If she is adjusting her jewelry, flicking her hair or smoothing out her clothing, it may indicate that she is hoping for something more.

Giggling, laughter or a lighthearted demeanor, of course, are natural when a woman is trying to convey interest. She may also- consciously or subconsciously- stroke or touch areas on her body that are considered touchable or even erogenous. All are clues that she may be amenable to your affections.

The Red Light: Distance

Disinterested women are also really easy to spot. While a woman will often maintain eye contact when she’s trying to show you she’s interested in you, a woman who is a no-go frequently casts her gaze down or looks away. Instead of leaning into a conversation, she may lean backwards or away, especially if touched. All are not necessarily signs she isn’t interested; she may be shy, but at this point, you should proceed with caution.

The Yellow Light: Both

When a female isn’t sure yet of how she feels about you, she may throw off mixed signals in her visual cues. A combination of the above behaviors may indicate the jury is still out on how she feels about her date.

Body Language Explained: Men

Men, on the other hand, often indicate interest in much more aggressive or visually assertive ways. Here are a few of the subtle signals men employ to convey their feelings.

The Green Light: More Fidgeting

Men are also prone to fidgeting when a woman catches them off-guard. Smoothing his shirt or playing with the buttons, rolling a glass in his hand or running his hand through his hair all indicate a man who is interested. He’ll also adopt a stiffer posture and more regal appearance to project confidence and worthiness, when attempting to subtly impress a woman.

Another indicator of a man’s interest level is his eyebrows. Men tend to raise their eyebrows quizzically or otherwise express emotions this way. Also, if a man is feeling a bit saucy, he may give you a more obvious once-over, hoping you’ll see. This is deliberate, so he can gauge your response.

The Red Light: Wandering Eyes

While an interested man may check out a woman obviously, a man who is disinterested may do the opposite. Most often he will clearly be scanning the vicinity for other women while he talks to you. Pinching the bridge of his nose, crossing his arms and other signals that are less “open” indicate a man who is only passing the time chatting with you.

The Yellow Light: Distraction

Some men are easily sidetracked, but a man who is on the fence will lose visual focus, tilt his head as if to express skepticism or otherwise drift in and out of the conversation. That doesn’t mean his attention is unlikely to be captured, but it might imply his mind isn’t entirely made up.

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