Developing Trust and Keeping It

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Trust has to be one of the most important factors of any relationship and it’s important to ensure that it never gets damaged otherwise it’s an uphill slog to try to regain that trust. Trust can be a strong element within a relationship but it can also be fragile and easily broken and sometimes, trust can never be regained. Building trust is something that happens over a period of time, an intrinsic element that enables two people to rely on each other completely otherwise there will always be elements of doubt and suspicion within every relationship and this is an automatic self-destruct button for the relationship itself.

The best way to ensure that trust is never damaged is to not break trust in the first instance. Betraying your partner by cheating on them will often damage it beyond repair and if you love your partner, why would you want to lose them? Trust is about open communication and not lying, cheating or keeping secrets. If you or your partner start behaving mysteriously, keeping secrets, staying out longer than expected or receiving phone calls or texts and not sharing this information, then it’s obviously only going to lead to feelings of suspicion. Suspicions-whether true or false, can wreak havoc in a relationship, it starts off with general feelings that something is not quite right but can lead to full-blown insecurities and doubts. Suspicions can also lead to feelings of paranoia.

Even in a new relationship where everything has to start on trust as you both get to know each other, the best way to really start forging those strong bonds is to open up to your partner and to reveal aspects of yourself that you wouldn’t do perhaps with others. You might not reveal anything too deep and meaningful in the early days of course as you both need to get to know each other and you will know deep down if and when it is time to share thoughts, feelings and information about your past. When you do decide it’s time to open up, remember that any revelations should be important and they should help your partner to have real insight into your life.

There may be some secrets that are hard to share, family or personal confidences that make it difficult to open up, and you don’t need to blurt everything out from day one. It’s about sharing your lives and this includes past experiences, and memories, events that have shaped you into the person that you are today, but these sharing moments may be weeks or months down the line. Opening up can and should take time and occur as the relationship progresses, but remember that communicating on this scale is a two way thing. As you give out information, so should your partner. This is what will help your relationship to grow. Whilst you can never possibly know everything about each other, you will at least be able to understand your partner on a deep and meaningful level.

The real key to developing trust is to avoid creating situations where suspicions can occur. Why give your partner any reason to worry? When you first enter into a relationship with someone new, it can be difficult for them to understand if you are a bit impulsive and unorganized in your personal life. It just takes a little bit of effort into being a bit more prepared on a daily basis and also that very important aspect, of communication. To keep trust not just alive, but growing daily, involve your partner in every aspect of your life, this is an important and natural step if you wish the foundations of your relationship to become stronger. This might not be easy initially, especially if either of you have been on your own for a long time, but it’s good to give up the control reins and to welcome your partner fully into your life.

Never disregard the importance of trust in a relationship. It might be fun to keep a few secrets but at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself do you want to lose your partner? If the answer is that you don’t care, then why are you together anyway? If you do care, then wise up. Treat them with total respect and honesty and ensure that they give the same courtesy with you, this way; you have a relationship that can grow on solid foundations.

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