Do you have Time in your Life for Love?

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There are very few people who wouldn’t want a totally
fulfilling relationship deep down but if you have been on your own for a while,
it can be easy to slip into a happy state of singledom.  Whilst at first you may have hated coming back home to an empty house and got bored with just flicking through the endless chat shows on TV wondering what on earth was going to hold your
attention for the evening, now things might be very different.

It’s surprisingly very easy to become self-sufficient.
Okay, there may be times where you really do yearn for some company from the
opposite sex and that king sized bed might seem a little self-indulgent when it’s
only you to fill the space but overall, single life has its advantages.

So if your life is full to brimming, then are you really
ready for a new relationship? It’s a big step after all and can make a huge
difference to the smooth running of your current lifestyle. It might be that
you have your eye on someone already, perhaps there is someone at your place of  work who kind of ticks all of the emotional boxes for you and when you think
about those few moments when you were stuck in the lift together or your eyes met over the photocopier for example, your heart  starts to flutter. So this could be a great opportunity to put your single life  to one side or is it? From a single perspective, it can be great fun to fantasise  about getting attention from a sexy other but from a practical perspective,  would this person really fit into your life?

Whether you have overcome any former emotional issues of
broken relationships or not, the practicalities of inviting someone into your
life is huge. Without a doubt it is worth it, if the two of you become a
perfect match but it can be terrifying to rock the boat if there are any doubts
lurking inside your mind.

Maybe it’s a good idea to consider all of the options?
Think about how well you know this person and whether you are committed to
giving them time and space within your life. First of all, do they share this
attraction and are they single too? How long have they been single? It might
seem so easy for two unattached people to fall in love but sometimes, it’s the
hardest thing to let go of any independence and routines that have long been

You will also need to invest in a great deal of time, effort
and energy to allow true love to grow. These are all aspects that you need to
consider before extending the hand of invitation, sometimes it’s easier and
safer to get to know them through the guise of friendship and therefore, to
manage any expectations from a safe and not too intimate distance. If you discover
the same sense of values and interests and they feel a good fit for your life
and will enhance it and not limit it, then it’s worth taking a chance.

If you want this person in your life as opposed to simply
needing them to complete an empty space, then you are on the right track.
Keeping your mind and heart open will allow you to embrace any possibilities
without building up barriers.  A new
relationship will change your life if it becomes serious and for a good
relationship, isn’t it worth compromising and adapting providing both of you
take the same flexible approach?

Having a new partner will undoubtedly make significant
changes and demands. You may need to restrict those external interests, hobbies
or late nights working and instead spend time together doing ‘new couple’
things. This could be an exciting new phase in your life but before you rush
whole-heartedly into falling head over heels, just make sure that you are both
completely compatible and share the same goals in life.  If you are wondering how on earth you can fit
this potential new love into your life and whether you even have the energy to
devote to them, it may be best to keep them on the peripheral whilst you make
up your mind.

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