Don’t Just Rely on Internet Dating for Romantic Success

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Internet dating is a great way to boost your social life and to meet lots of available others but it can seem a cold and impassioned way to pick up a man if online dating is all new to you.  There is no flesh and blood contact in the first instance, no intuitive sensations, no stripping away the layers of personality and exploring the possibilities of romantic notions but, it has its benefits of course. Certainly if you live in an area where everyone knows everyone and there is no ‘fresh talent’ or certainly no-one that is suitable to your needs, then Internet dating can help you to spread your romantic horizons and cast your net far and wide.

The problem is however, that if you just rely on Internet dating, you won’t get to give your social skills a good work-out or to boost your confidence with members of the opposite sex if you bump into the man of your dreams in the street. Having the confidence to exude your charms on a chance meeting is vital if you want the opposite sex to be attracted to you and Internet dating takes away all of the elements of that exciting chance meeting, because everything is planned down to the last detail and you pick and choose those who you want to meet by checking out their profiles, photos and responses to your virtual questions.

Whilst it is great fun to indulge in a little online dating, it doesn’t really provide you with an accurate perception of the person who you are going to meet, unlike if you bump into someone in your local café or pub, you will form an instant impression, favourable or not.  Having a date handed to you on a plate doesn’t give you the practice you might need for that initial chatting up stage where you can get to wow them with your sizzling wit and sense of fun. Sometimes Internet dating can take the power of impromptu meetings away from you and you can lose some of those natural and instinctive responses to meeting others.

Internet dating doesn’t really allow you to pre-screen your potential dates either and you could argue that when you meet someone locally, you don’t get a chance to do that before meeting but it’s surprising how much information you can absorb when you first meet someone. Okay, much of it is intuitive and may not be wholly accurate but you can form an opinion as to whether you might wish to see them again. With Internet dating, the first date will be the first time that you have seen them and if you don’t like them, potentially you are stuck with them for a few hours.

There is nothing worse than being all dressed up for an exciting night out with your new date and yet the moment that you set eyes on each other, you find that there is no chemistry, no spark at all and your heart sinks in an instant. Sadly, both men and women feel the need to lie when they are on the Internet. It’s crazy but they lie about their age, their height, their looks and some incredibly even post photos of themselves looking ten years younger or post photos of someone completely different.

When you meet someone the good old fashioned way, you can at least see what you are getting. Your prospective date cannot hide in their virtual existence and pretend to be someone they are not. Meeting someone naturally is an easier way to get to know someone. If they are local to your area, you may find that you keep bumping into each other and your conversation grows with each meeting. This is the easier and most effective way of setting up a date.

But with that said, sometimes, there is a great need to choose the Internet dating route and although it’s not as fluid or as intimate as the traditional dating route, it can really boost your social life, give you the opportunity to meet people from outside your area and those who have a vast array of jobs and experiences and this can be a very enriching experience. If you are going to have fun and success in your dating endeavours, then it’s worth having a healthy mix of traditional and online dating and this way, you stand a much better chance of meeting your ideal partner.

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