Embrace Dating in Your 40’s and Find Romance

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Dating for the 40’s age group is a whole new ball game and unfortunately few people in their 40’s escape from being emotionally battle scarred so starting out again can be a scary place. Divorce or a break-up can leave severe emotional traumas that will take time to disappear so if you are thinking of re-entering the dating scene; it’s worth establishing whether you are ready. Dating will have changed dramatically since you were last single so make sure that you comprehend and examine any expectations that you might have.  You might have a vision of your perfect partner but actually do you really want someone like that or are you just following your preference for a type that has never worked out before.


You might be thinking that you will meet some gorgeous other but let’s be realistic, men may have lost their hair and developed a beer belly, so set your sights on attributes that are far more important such as finding the personality that matches your needs.


You can be as enthusiastic as you like about starting to date again but you might find that you have a sudden crisis of courage and faith when the date draws near, but don’t panic. There is a 50/50 chance of it going really well and if it doesn’t, does it really matter? The chances of meeting someone wonderful the first time out is unlikely. But on the plus side, you are broadening your social horizons and that is a good thing.


Dress to impress and show off your assets. No, that doesn’t mean wearing a clingy little low cut number; it’s more about wearing something that brings out your best features. Don’t over-think your outfit, just choose something that you feel good in because this will bring out your inner confidence and nothing is more attractive than someone who feels good about themselves.


Dating is nerve-wracking but it’s also great fun. Don’t let any self-doubts overwhelm you. You might be terrified that he will get up and leave after five minutes or disappear through a window in the toilets and never return, but this is unlikely. More likely is that he will be bowled over by your charm, and this means, he might want to kiss you, don’t panic if he does but don’t resort to the innocence of your teenage years and panic, instead remember that you are a woman of experience. If you don’t like him in that way, or are not ready simply say no. If you do like him, then what are you waiting for?


If you are starting out on the Internet dating route then it’s worth doing your best to check your new date out first as much as you can anyway. It can help to talk to any potential date a few times by phone, or be brave and chat by webcam because at least then you get a chance to really see what your date looks like. Plus, if you still want to meet up, you will feel less like strangers as a result.


Sometimes you will encounter some odd behaviour from a new date, don’t be alarmed if you do, just take it in your stride. Remember that there will be people who have a lot of emotional baggage that affects their dating attempts. They can be needy or the opposite, have real commitment issues. Your date might be a player and want to rush your encounter and take it further very quickly and if you are not ready, then say so. You also have to question why someone wants to cement the foundations of any relationship when you have only just met. Always use your instinct.


On the flip side of the coin, be careful to not fall in love too easily yourself. If you have been single for a while, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation of just wanting to be in love and of feeling loved. Take your time.

It’s important that you see every date as an exciting adventure. You might not meet the man of your dreams the moment that you start dating but you could well meet some lovely men who you become great friends with. This is just as good if not different. Relish each and every moment and you will soon start attracting those genuine men into your life who are just perfect for you.

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