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Speed dating is the art of meeting lots of people all at once. It helps accelerate the dating process and the meeting people process so that you can start meaningful relationships much sooner. Speed dating in the real world dating scene has become extremely popular with people that lead busy lives and who don’t have time to make it out every Friday and Saturday night to meet people.

Instead, they set aside an hour or two every week and through rotations, they meet lots of people. Men and women make their way around a room full of tables and introduce themselves to one another. Then, for a few minutes they converse. If the two find that they like each other they can exchange phone numbers and go on a second date together, and if not, no harm no foul. It’s what speed dating is all about.

Speed dating on the internet is very similar to speed dating in real life in that it’s designed to expose you to a lot of people all at once. But instead of having to rush home from work and rip off your suit and tie to get into something a little more comfortable for a night of speed dating, you can sit at your computer desk and meet just as many people.

The common misconception is that people that speed date aren’t fit for real dating and that’s just simply not true. There are plenty of worthwhile singles out there that just simply don’t have the time for regular dating or even speed dating.

They turn to online speed dating to help their dating desires so that they don’t have to waste time with people that they’re not interested in or on people that aren’t interested in them.

Online speed dating takes place in chat rooms and instant messenger clients. Chat rooms are usually hosted by the dating company you’re subscribed too and they’ll monitor what goes on. If they think that you’re compatible with someone else, they may even suggest you two get a private chat together to get to know each other better. And the best part, unlike a real date where you may have to run if you get called away on business, with online dating you’re free to excuse yourself at any time and continue the conversation later.

We’ve found the best online speed dating sites so that you don’t have to hunt around for a while. We know how precious your time must be and we don’t want to waste any more of it with bogus sites that flake out on their claims.

With our free list of online speed dating websites, you’ll never again be left in the dark with what works and what doesn’t work. Dating is no joke and we understand that. Follow the links on our site and start speed dating today. Do you have any more time to waste on sites that don’t work?

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