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Are you already signed up to one (or maybe all) of those online dating sites? Why not try something else? Singles chat is also another way to find your one true love… or one night stand. There are a lot of sites and a lot Internet relay chat programs (or IRC) you can use to access a singles chat room.

You can use your Yahoo! Messenger to chat with other singles either in your area or even singles from other countries. Just click on Yahoo! Chat from your YM and from there you can choose from different chat rooms from different parts of the world or about different interests. Search for singles and you’ll be presented with different singles chat rooms to choose from.

Once you enter a chat room, you’ll see others who are logged in to that chat room as well. Turn your web cam on so that others can see you do your thing (whatever that is), and view others’ web cams, too. See them strut their stuff through their web cams, chat with other single men or women like you, and who knows, you might meet your match there.

You can also download Internet relay chat clients (or IRC clients) like mIRC, which is a stand alone program which is used solely for chatting. After downloading and installing the client, you will be asked for a preferred user name or nickname.

Just leave everything as is if you’re not yet familiar with the other settings. After logging in, you’ll be able to see the channels available on the screen.

There are certain commands that you have to learn in order to navigate the program, but there is always the help command just in case you get lost along the way. Look for that singles chat room and enter and you’ll see others who are in that chat room as well.

You can talk on the main channel or the main chat room where you’ll see everyone’s messages posted on the main room as well, or you can click on a nickname to talk to that person in private. Another screen will appear for your private conversation with the nickname you clicked.

There are also websites that have chat clients embedded in them. You can search for these sites on Google and most of them have user-friendly commands for you to navigate the website.

The one downside of using Internet chat to meet people is anonymity. If you are looking to find out more about a certain person online, you’d have to ask the questions and they would have to volunteer the information you are looking for, which sometimes may not be the truth. One thing the Internet promises is that you can be whomever and wherever you choose to be without being judged for it.

So if you’re looking to find someone for keeps, or even someone to spend the night with, there are risks involved in using singles chat. But then again, risks are always involved in life, right? So why not risk it? Take the plunge and try singles chat… you might find what you’re looking for there… all for free.

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