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Sitting home alone yet again and watching yet another repeat on TV could easily send you into the arms of Mr. Wrong, you wouldn’t be the first woman to feel lonely and down about being alone and you certainly wouldn’t be the last. But hold on just a moment, there is nothing to compensate for spending time with someone who you really care about and if you fall into the mistake of settling for just any man and making out that you are really happy with Mr. Wrong isn’t going to satisfy any deep longing for that perfect partnership.

It’s worth kissing a few frogs en-route to finding your prince and you can have fun doing so, but no matter how long it takes, you have to hold onto the belief that there will be that ideal man for you just waiting around the corner who is going to change your life for the better. You have to meet men either for casual dates or as friends to be able to determine the type of man that you want and this way you will be able to know who you want to be with, in the long term.

If you hate being on your own for any length of time, then it’s important that you start finding something to enjoy about your own company. This can take the pressure off of you finding someone quickly and who might actually only really complicate your life at this moment. Developing female friendships and male ones too is good and can enrich your social life in a good way. Plus you will have less time to think about finding Mr. Perfect if you are more comfortable with doing your own thing. Rushing into a relationship for the sake of it is only asking for disaster and it may be that you have had your own share of dating disasters in the past?

Trying to make a relationship happen is only looking for trouble. When you meet someone who is right for you, it will not feel like hard work, you will feel relaxed, comfortable and be ready to embrace love whole-heartedly without fear. If you meet someone and you are trying to impress them, feeling nervous in their presence or uncomfortable at times, then it is likely that they are not the one for you. Taking nervousness aside, if it’s hard work finding compatible conversations to talk about, it’s unlikely to get easier.

No-one relishes being alone but actually being alone can be a good thing especially if you are going to try and let your past hurts heal. It’s important to do this so that you can move on; holding onto anger, rejection or emotional pain will only serve to tarnish your future love. Think about it, how many times in the past has a previous relationship been damaged by your feelings of jealousy, insecurities or just fears that you will be hurt. It’s important to know that everyone experiences difficult times in their life; relationships aren’t always easy even if you are a perfect match, and you are not alone in your quest for Mr. Right.

In a perfect world, your ideal partner would be easy to find and you shouldn’t have to trawl through bars and cafes hoping to just bump into him. But life isn’t perfect and part of the fun of finding your ideal man is the searching process. Make the decision to enjoy and embrace your single life currently, and don’t look for the end result and the happy ever after, instead it’s important to work on being contented in the here and now. You are more likely to strike gold and find inner peace this way and at least have a little fun as you do so.

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