Ideas for the First Date

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Don’t know what to do on your first date with the girl of your dreams? Honestly, there is no one best idea for a first date. You talk to the girl first; find out what hobbies she’s is into, what sparks her interests, what she is expecting on your first date, and what she’s looking for in a relationship.

This will help build your first date ideas and feelings about that person and what you both will enjoy doing on your first date.

This will work if the girl is honest enough to answers these questions and if she is frank enough to tell you what she likes and doesn’t like, and especially if she tells you if she’s looking for something serious, or if she’s just dating around or looking for fun. Don’t be afraid to surprise her though with something totally different but aligned with her apparent interests.

Once you’ve found out what your date is into, then you can start to mull over some ideas. Free online dating isn’t some complicated process. All you have to do is simply try an activity that you think he or she will like, and take it from there. Here are some suggestions from the guy’s point of view: (They also work well for the ladies, too)

If she’s into movies:

  • Surprise her with movie premiere tickets. Make sure that the movie you are going to watch is something she’d be excited to watch. Never bring a girl to watch a scary movie if she’s afraid of Casper and don’t take her to a typical guy action flick.
  • Ask her if she’d be willing to do a movie marathon at your place or even her place. If she agrees to watch movies at your place, invite a friend to stay with you for at least the beginning of the date, or until she’s comfortable for you to be alone with her.

If she’s into music:

  • Invite her to a sold out concert of her favorite band. Schedule your date on a concert night, she’ll surely enjoy it and will want to go out with you again.
  • Bring her to a club that plays songs of the genre she’s into. She’ll dance the night away and she might even let you kiss her goodnight.

If she’s into kid stuff or she’s a kid at heart:

  • Bring her to an amusement park. It’ll bring out the kid in her and she’ll never forget your date because you thought about what she really likes.
  • Chuck E. Cheese! All kids want to go to Chuck E. Cheese, right? If there are no Chuck E. Cheese’s in your area, find one like it. Sounds corny, but they can be a lot of fun for adults as well.

It all boils down to finding what you dates interests are and what would be fun for you both. The first date will go well if you both have some hobbies in common and you do something related to your interests. You will both find it exciting and it’ll bring out the best in both of you.

Anyway, a second date will surely happen if there are sparks between the two of you – it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, if you’re compatible, nothing will go wrong on your first date.

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