Is Online Dating Really Free?

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While some websites charge you a certain fee every month for joining, there are some dating sites out there that are fee-free. The websites that do charge for a monthly fee actually have more features installed to help you find that one perfect match for you.

They provide personality tests, psychological analysis and even percentage ratings on how compatible you are with that person. These websites give more details on the person’s profile and even provide contact information if they allow to divulge any.

The free websites, though, give ample information for you to gauge your interest. Pictures, geographic location, sexual preference, type of relationship they are looking for, interests and hobbies. You also get to send or receive a message or use the “flirting functions” provided, if any.

Flirting functions, for example, would be sending a wink, a poke, a heart, a gift of some sort, to express how you feel for that person without having to initiate a conversation at first. If the person replies to your “flirt”, then it’s a go to communicate more.

You don’t have to sign up to any specific dating website to enjoy online dating. You can actually make it free by signing up to a personals website or through internet chat or messaging, though these methods are more general when it comes to relationships.

Signing up to personals doesn’t mean you’re interested in dating, so you’d have to do some work and input more information on your personals site to state that you are looking for someone for romantic purposes. And the people that you find when you search may not be particularly looking for a mate, they might even be married, single but not available, or even have 6 kids and a granddaughter (not that it’s bad, but go for it if you’re into that…).

Meeting people through Internet relay chat may be a little risky because all you’re talking to is a nickname. The person on the other end of the line would have to volunteer the information you are asking and you’d have to be familiar with chat lingo if you prefer meeting people this way.

It’s up to you to choose whether you’d like to pay monthly for an online dating site or go for gratis and do your own search and development. For some of the busy folks out there, they’d rather pay a monthly premium so that they don’t have to do a lot of work in finding profile matches.

They want to let the website do that for them. They just want to login to the site, see if there are new matches, choose to message those people or not, or see if the person they’ve set their eyes on have replied, or if they got new messages and prospects. For folks who have nothing better to do, enjoy the benefits of online dating for free.

Register to free websites, upload your picture and tell the whole world that you’re lonely and you want to find Mr. or Ms. (or Mrs.) Right or Right Now. Go to a chat room and talk to Lonely_Boy_1948 or CutesyGirl98 and find out if he or she may be the one.

Or upload photos of you and your dog to Friendster or Facebook and play poker on – who knows – you might find your perfect match without having to spend a dime. As always though, you get what you pay for, and sometimes the cost of free is paid in time instead.

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