Make Those ‘Attraction Triggers’ Work for You

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Just imagine that you could work out exactly what people are looking for in terms of their opposite other? How much easier would it be to find your perfect date and to know just how to tick all of their prerequisites? Of course, in reality just what attracts people to each other is a total mystery. Opposites attract of course and sometimes, two people successfully come together and seem to be the perfect match and yet, on paper, there would seem to be no connection at all. Have you ever looked at a couple and wondered how and why they are together? They might seem mismatched in terms of height, size, interests or intellect. She might be beautiful, he might be less attractive, or vice versa. Of course, it’s irrelevant what others think, the important part is the strength of their personalities, their physical attraction and compatibility to each other. As outsiders, we don’t see the attraction triggers but they do.

Women do tend to be a lot more complex in terms of attraction triggers. They might be wowed by a man’s looks but essentially are prepared to dig a lot deeper to discover what goes on under the surface. Women want loyalty and stability usually but if a man is open, honest, and friendly and has the ability to make her smile, then these are powerful triggers at work and he is likely to have the opportunity to get a whole lot closer to her.

Women tend to be a lot more trusting too. When it comes to Internet dating, they often believe all that the man has written in his profile, until they learn otherwise. For men, it’s important that they write with honesty if they really do want to attract someone special. If they can discard the he-man image and allow the woman to peek inside their character- they may well be onto a winner.

Men are different in their outlook. They are mostly attracted by looks-yes it sounds shallow but initially many are just interested in the outer wrapping, the packaging to them is important but in time the personality element becomes an integral part of it too. Men just see different things as a priority in the first instance.

So if you consider these basic elements, women should write a profile with men in mind, and really think about what a man might be looking for and allow their fun element to come across. Women should ensure that they post their best photos online, and ensure that they show the women in the most attractive way, happy, smiling, and looking confident and attractive.

Men should discard the photos that show off their bodies. Of course women don’t mind a sneak look at a nice physique but they want to get inside the mind of the man. So women are less interested in the outer packaging but will target isolated areas such as: his eyes, his smile, his hands. If a man really wants to attract a woman, again, the photos should be sensitive and tasteful.  Smiling, reflective, studied poses – after all, who wants to see a miserable picture. Photos should be current too of course and a clear portrait photo not taken outside on a foggy evening as dusk falls would help especially if the woman wants to meet up and be able to identify him.  Reflective poses signal depth of character and this is another attraction trigger that would appeal to many women.

Using attraction triggers throughout the profile and this includes the written elements too. When creating a profile, never, ever refer to life’s problems, past dates or horrible experiences unless they are funny and never name anyone or be derogatory about another. Everyone has a past but when you encounter a new potential date, the last thing you want to see or hear is some emotional or physical details about an ex. Romantically, this is a clean slate, a new start and it’s important within a profile that a sense of positivity towards the future is portrayed. A profile should be warm, friendly and welcoming. Essentially you are inviting that person to email you.  Don’t make it hard to attract someone to you, make it easier by using relationship triggers to your advantage.


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