Make Your Relationship Loving and Strong

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Relationships are difficult; you probably don’t need me to tell you that. It takes two to make them work and this means putting in a great deal of effort to keep your relationship on the straight and narrow and to increase those loving feelings, building on strong foundations ensuring that you are both happy.

Communication is the pinnacle on which your relationship rests. Without it, things will start to go wrong, resentments will start to build and you will feel isolated within your relationship. It’s vital that you have deep and meaningful conversations and you discuss everything from the weather, to any silly previous mistakes, your current and future ambitions and also, identify each other’s values.  Just by talking, you can keep the bonds of commitment very fresh.

Trust is another deal breaker. If you break those chains of trust, it’s an uphill struggle all the way and you will always feel like you are clawing your way back. It’s fine to have differences of opinion and you need to respect your partner’s point of view even if it is very different from your own. Never put pressure on your partner to do something that they are reluctant to do. It will only undermine the feeling of being able to rely on each other. This includes- physically, emotionally, sexually and verbally.  Realistically, you should be able to trust each other implicitly and keep your word to each other too.

Having a loving relationship means that you have to support each other, and this means through the good times and the bad. You will often find that some relationships start to crack under the pressure when things are going wrong in life, but a strong relationship takes this into account and a couple must cling firmly to each other. Do you think that your own relationship is strong enough to see you through the good and the bad moments? If not, consider why not?

There is no doubt in modern society, that free time often gets eaten up by longer working hours or through family commitment, transporting your children to various after school activities for example. Sometimes that all-important quality time can very quickly seem to evaporate into thin air.  If you feel that this is happening, be sure to stop the trend before it becomes an established behaviour. You need to spend time together and that can be planning a date, an evening out with no interference or interruptions from anyone else. Just quality ‘togetherness’time.

As much as you want to see each other, it’ s important that you do spend a little bit of time apart and retain your feelings of independence and continue to grow as individuals. Physically and emotionally, it’s good to have your own space too. Your partner has to be the most important part of your life but it’s good to welcome other friendships and family members into your life too so that it becomes even more enriched.

No couple will ever get through life without experiencing disputes of sorts, but don’t let any upsets get out of control and cause long-term grief or feelings of bitterness. Many people cope with disputes by threatening to leave but this will only cause feelings of distrust and plant the seed in your partners mind that you are unhappy. Disagreements must be talked though otherwise they will never really get resolved and you won’t move forward harmoniously.

Your partner may need to confide in you or vice versa. This is an important aspect of any loving relationship; you are both there for each other and to support each other. Make sure any secrets remain private and even if you feel tempted to share with others, don’t. Treat the fact that your partner trusts and cares about you enough to confide in you as something special and private.

Take plenty of time and care with your relationship and nurture it, never taking it for granted. If you can do this, your relationship will grow and grow.


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