Making that Long-Distance Relationship Work

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Any type of relationship is likely to have its problems but a long- distance relationship has more potential to go wrong than most and it can certainly add to the pressure of the relationship. The miles between you form a natural great divide and there can be a great deal of frustration experienced as a result.  With any relationship where seeing each other is going to be limited, it’s important to plan how to meet up as often as possible and this planning stage can help you to keep the relationship alive simply because you will both be looking forward to that moment when you are in each other’s arms once more.

All relationships contain a certain element of fear. Being worried that you might lose each other is natural but having those dividing miles between you; this fear may become even more intense. Irrespective of how you feel however, it’s important to not let these concerns become excessive and spill over into your telephone conversations. Fear of infidelity is one thing but constantly discussing how your partner might be unfaithful whilst away from you could have a real negative effect and eventually push them into the arms of another. Remember that nobody likes being accused or not trusted.

Talking to each other each and every day is important. It keeps the bonds fresh and alive and that attraction burning. It also helps you to stay in touch with each other lives. The real nitty-gritty day to day stuff that is important to share. Whether you are in the same country or your partner is overseas, it is much easier to stay in touch now than ever before but whether you are missing each other madly or not, don’t overdo the messaging or use it as a way of checking up on each other. Face book is a great way of staying in touch by adding fun little messages to each other’s wall but don’t make any negative feelings public, it’s not fair on your partner.

Surprise each other by sending little parcels through the post. You could add anything to the parcel but make sure that its fun to open and that it shows how much you are thinking of them. A surprise gift will give them that fluffy warm feeling and will place you back in their thoughts.  Home baked biscuits, some photos or something that they have always wanted will certainly spark off those loving feelings. Bombarding them with parcels however would have the opposite effect so limit your generosity and consider their feelings.

Of course you could always book a trip so that you could spend a weekend together and plan some fun activities for the two of you. Even if you want it as a surprise, it’s always worth just double checking that it’s not a bad time for your partner as this would ruin the surprise for sure and you would only both feel a sense of disappointment and frustration if things start to go wrong.

As much as it can be difficult to be parted from someone that you love, it can also be quite healthy to have some distance because it enables you to both get on with your own lives. You can still be committed and dedicated to the relationship but have the freedom to develop your own interests and career. Some people might say that it’s the perfect relationship as you are not seeing enough of each other to fall out and yet look forward to meeting up all of the time.

It might be difficult to count down the days until the next visit but taking a positive attitude is the most important element of making any relationship work. If you love each other, then just because you can’t see each other all of the time, this is not going to cause the relationship to die. Distance can actually strengthen a relationship because it allows two people to develop and grow individually and yet, still grow close as a couple. In essence, if you are in a long distance relationship, you are in it because you both care enough to make it work and that has to be a positive.


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