Online Dating: Popularity On The Rise

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Back in the ’90s, online dating was only seen as a last resort for lonely geeks. Nowadays, however, online dating has gained mainstream acceptance and has grown in popularity over the past decade, with over 20 million Americans signing up every month!

America is abandoning the outdated methods of meeting other singles, such as blind dates, introductions through friends, smoky bars, in favor of internet dating services such as and eHarmony.

Most professional online dating services charge some sort of a fee, but usually it’s a pretty negligible price to pay for the benefits. For instance, only charges $20 per month for their service. That’s less than the cost of a few drinks, a night on the town, or dinner and a movie!

If traditional dating situations such as dimly lit hangouts and crowded places just aren’t your scene, online dating services provide an wonderful alternative. One benefit of online dating is that you can search through all the fish in the sea from the convenience and safety of your home.

This means you don’t have to frequent shady night clubs or bars filled with pesky frat boys. You can look for potential mates at your own leisure, which can be particularly helpful if you find yourself too busy on the weekends– the prime-time for hooking up with somebody at a singles club!

At a bar, you don’t have the advanced knowledge and comfort of knowing whether someone is already taken or available. One of the best parts about online dating services is that virtually everyone who appears in the listings is single! So instead of scanning the club for people not wearing wedding rings, you can spend more time actually seeking out your perfect partner. And you’ll never run out of variety in your quest to find the optimal mate!

Since millions of people use online dating services, you have a much wider choice than available anywhere else. The profiles provided by dating services allow you to easily search for compatible people based on your personal interests. You can learn more about a person by reading through their lists of likes and dislikes. Many services also provide personality tests that will show how compatible you are with a potential date.

This is better, and more telling, than an awkward introduction or impersonal meeting at a noisy dance club. Dating profiles also allow you to scope out potential conflicts of interest that in a normal relationship might take time to surface, and which could eventually lead to a disastrous breakup!

Since rejection is a lot less messier over the internet than it would be face to face, most people experience more confidence since there is less emotional attachment involved. E-conversations tend to be more personal, frank and to the point than most awkward first exchanges. There’s no lame pickup lines to worry about, and good first impressions are easier to make.

So don’t stress, you have all the time in the world to sit in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home to look for your ideal mate using the power of the internet!

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