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Dating in the online world is a completely different ball game than trying to weasel your way into a date in real life. Real life dating has a lot of social tricks up its sleeve that you can employ at any time to get someone to act a certain way or feel a certain way about you.

While they’re not used all the time intentionally, we humans have social clues that we let off about ourselves and how we feel about social situations. In an online world those clues disappear. It makes it ever more difficult to really convey how we feel about a situation to someone else without seeing them face to face for the first few hours of conversation. If you find yourself stumbling in the online dating world because you don’t know how to add that extra punch to your dating speech, you may need some tips and tricks.

Communication between human beings has always been a very interesting topic of study. Not only do we make noises with our mouths, we also make small hand or facial gestures to indicate to others what we’re thinking or feeling. People that are very good at lying or pretending have learned to manipulate these facial gestures to give a different impression than the one they’re actually feeling. In the dating game these small signals are used all the time.

Whether you realize it or not, your brain processes minute details about the opposite person’s motions and agenda and subconsciously addresses these issues. It’s often difficult for our conscious selves to get the idea that someone isn’t interested or they’re thinking about something else, but our brains are fully aware of what’s going on. We may realize it later on in one of those, “aha, got it!” moments sitting at the bar, but in the heat of the moment it’s tough.

What’s even tougher is when you’re trying to give a good first impression and you’re not sure what to do with your hands or eyes. In the online dating world, this lack of nuances could be a godsend or a plague.

Some of us rely on our hands, and if you’re the type of person that says more with what he does than what he says, online dating may be tough. If you want to get more dates as the result of online communication, it’s time to learn how to transfer those hand gestures into colorful text and personality driven conversation.

Online dating tip sites are a dime a dozen and you can’t always rely on them to give you the best information. You have probably visited dozens of online dating tip sites that try to help you with your communication skills and online dating word play.

But if you’re tired of scanning sites to track down one or two good tips, worry no more. We’ve compiled the best list we can of online dating tips sites and we’ve put them all here for you to access. Just follow the links on our page and we’ll help you with your online dating problems in no time at all.

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