Photo Dos and Don’ts in Online Dating

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online dating photoYour online dating profile tells the world of potential partners who you are, what you like, and what you’re looking for. However, let’s face it – we live in a visual world, and people want to know what you look like before they invest themselves in contacting you.

Always include at least one photograph of yourself. Ideally your default profile photo should be a shot of your face, facing toward the camera, with no other people in the picture. Some sites let you post more than one photo. If allowed, include another picture of your whole body.

Profiles without a photo usually mean the person has something to hide, such as being married. Inner beauty is great, and if you value that more than someone’s looks, you have a big heart. But if someone posts a profile without a photo, it could mean he or she is being dishonest. And, statistics prove that you’ll get ten times as many responses if you include a photo.

This is no time to be self-conscious about your appearance. Remember, you are marketing yourself to a potential dating partner, so you need to stay positive. Confidence is very sexy. Besides, if someone isn’t going to be into you because you have short hair or because you’re overweight or because your eyes are green, wouldn’t you rather know that before you invest a lot of time e-mailing and going on a fruitless first date?

Keep your photos tasteful and modest. Guys, resist the temptation to upload a shot of yourself without a shirt. The online dating world is full of them, and instead of highlighting your ripped chest and abs, shirtless pics make you seem vain and self-centered. Same goes for the ladies – no shots of you in your bikini. Also, avoid “glamour shots” that look so different from your everyday self that he’ll feel disappointed when he sees you.

If you want to send a risque picture like that later on, during the e-mailing phase of the relationship, go for it. But it’s a bad idea to post it on a site where just anyone can see it. Remember, employers, friends, family, can all see what you’ve posted.

Bottom line, you want to include a photo. Make it tasteful, showing your whole face and/or body. Make it a good, clear quality picture of just you. If you upload a photo of yourself that has other people in it, you could find yourself in some legal trouble, or at least an angry friend or family member. If you don’t have a photo of just yourself, take a new one. Don’t try to blacken out the other people or crop the photo. This looks awkward and tacky.

Put your best face forward. Don’t assume that nobody will contact you if they see what you look like, because everybody’s tastes are different. Upload your photograph, and avoid replying to profiles that don’t include one.

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