Questions to Ask Before Meeting Someone

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What do you need to know about the person you are meeting for a date? It is essential for you to know the person you are going to go out with before you actually meet to make your date worthwhile and not a waste of time.

If you don’t know what to expect from the person you are going to go out with, chances are the meeting will be awkward and you are bound not to see that person again. Setting expectations is crucial if you are going to consider being involved with someone because feelings are involved, and you or the other person might end up getting hurt if you both don’t know what to expect on your first meeting.

Even if you meet your possible date through a friend or through the Internet, it is very important to know at least some basic information about the person. Not second hand information from friends or other people, but directly from the person.

You can either talk online or over the phone before you schedule your first date. Here are a couple of major questions that will help set the tone of your date and will help you decide whether the date is worth pushing through or not:

- What are you looking for?

It is important to know if the person is looking for a serious relationship, to date a lot of people or to meet people just for fun. You’d both have to know if you are on the same page, or not about your free online dating experience. This will set the expectation for your first date. It might be that it is not a given that the person is looking for a romantic relationship, so you should also find that out.

- What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?

You have to know if you have something in common with this person. This will also help you plan what you are going to do during the date. It will also help you get to know what kind of personality the person has with how he/she spends his/her free time.

These questions will be the start of a great conversation and will also help generate a spark between the two of you. If the other person answers you honestly and frankly, you will be able to gauge the personality of that person.

You would also have to open yourself up about these topics so that person would feel your sincerity in trying to make the first date worth it. If the person doesn’t sound interested at all, you’d immediately know to call the date off.

It will be time well spent to talk to this person, before you both waste time on meeting for lunch, dinner or coffee and ending the date awkwardly. If the person is indeed interested, you will hear it in tone of his/her voice if it’s on the phone or the tone or mood of his/her responses online. Spend time talking to the person you want to go out on a date with.

Asking questions before meeting someone for a date will surely save you time, even money. You could find out that the date isn’t even worth going for or with what you’re going to find out you can already plan for a date that you will both enjoy… rather than spending time in a crowded Mexican restaurant just to find out that your date is allergic to salsa.

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