Rocket Your Romance into a Romantic Orbit

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If you have been dating for a while and things are starting to feel a little bit flat, then it is time to inject some excitement and passion back into your relationship and spice things up a bit. When a relationship is new, you long to experience that settled feeling and for the newness to settle somewhat but once it has, it can feel as if the romantic edge has also demised.

The best way to rocket your romance into romantic orbit is to give it a bit of boost by trying something completely different within our relationship and this could be as something as trying out a new hobby together or even to go on a different type of holiday, perhaps an adventure one or the opposite, one that gets you relaxed and in touch with your inner self. Trying out new activities can open up your minds and unite the two of you in mutual agreement or in fits of laughter if things don’t quite go as planned.

Equally, it can be good to have a little bit of space so that you start to miss each other too. Maybe you feel a bit stale and out of sorts, so opt out for a quality weekend away doing something that you are passionate about. Many couples feel that they have to do absolutely everything together but sometimes pursing your own interests separately and then coming together to talk about it can add a new element to your lives as well as increasing communication.

If you feel that he isn’t complimenting you as much anymore and you are starting to feel that romance is well and truly dead, spend time considering how you can supercharge his perception of you by changing your image. Something as simple as getting a new hairstyle can make you feel totally different and get him to really look at you again, or invest in a new wardrobe of clothes and be a litle daring. Too often people stop trying to wow their partners after a while, but this phase of re-inventing can really recharge the romance between you.

Do something a little different and set one day a week or month if you prefer to have to surprise each other. This can be a little gift that is thoughtful and well-chosen or it can a way of competition to provide the most fun or alternative experience. Make it a competition and see just how well this brings you altogether.

There is nothing like cooking a romantic meal for the two of you and locking the door so that you can flirt unashamedly across your candlelit table. Sometimes the old ways are the best and a beautifully cooked meal, some tasty wine and a carefully created scrumptious desert cannot help but spell out your love for each other. Make sure that you have no interruptions from family or friends and take the phone off the hook and turn off your mobiles. Plan your night for love and see it through from start to finish. It will soon rekindle those loving romantic feelings and put a sparkle in your eyes.

Life can be so manic that it can knock any sense of romantic intention out of the window and both of you may be feeling tired and stressed at times. Sometimes making an extra bit of effort is vital for your love-life and can make you both feel united in times of stress and duress. You might not feel like making an effort but try it and see how much better you feel after you managed to tune out from the daily stresses and snuggle up together in front of the TV with a romantic chick flick.

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