Should you Try and Get Your Boyfriend back after a Break-Up?

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If you have just broken up with your boyfriend, you might be feeling an all time low right now. Especially if you broke up over something relatively trivial, you are probably feeling empty and shocked that your relationship could just come to an end as quickly as that, and without real warning.  Suddenly being without your partner, you realise that he was the perfect guy for you and you realise how stupid you were to let things get so out of hand. You realise as you sob profusely that you miss him and in a blinding flash, you know that you just want and need him back.

But before you go rushing to your phone to text or call him and admit undying love. Stop. Think it through. Are you absolutely sure that you want to get back together or are you just feeling a sense of loneliness and feeling a little lost because you are not used to be alone?  It might be that he is sat at home thinking the same things as you.  Missing you but wondering if the break-up was meant to be or maybe he is sat at home pining for you but is too stubborn to be the one to call.

Obviously it depends what your argument was about as to whether there is hope for your relationship. There must have been some reason, some deep rooted feeling that it was right to end it? Is there enough left to try to make it work and if you go back, will the same old problem still be there? Before trying to get back in touch with your boyfriend, you need to think about whether any of his irritating habits were just too annoying.  It’s worth thinking about him- the whole person before making up your mind but remember, getting back together, whilst not impossible, is not always that easy. You may have bridges to cross.

Many people try to get back together because they don’t want to be alone and this will simply spell disaster. If you feel that this might be part of the reason as to why you wish to put your argument behind you, then it might be better to leave the decision as it stands because you may well put each other through the same emotional turmoil in just a few weeks down the line.

If you have doubts, then do nothing. If he calls you, then all well and good, you can talk to each other and discuss where you both want to go in terms of your relationship or whether you simply want to stay friends. But if you don’t hear anything, then don’t sit back and stew on your lost love, get on with your life, fill in the gaps in your life where he once belonged and determine to just get out there and enjoy your life. You don’t have to rush into a new relationship or try to make him jealous to get him back, rise above that and just try to make your life happy and complete again.

It can be hard to move on emotionally but if the relationship seems to have fizzled out and you have had little or no contact, it might be just what you have to do. The temptation to get out there and prove your attractiveness to others should be reigned in no matter how much your pride wants to prove just what he has lost. If he appreciates you, he will try to make it work again and he is more likely to do that if he sees you getting on well. If he cares, the fear that you might have moved on permanently may well spur him into action. This might well fuel a happy re-union should you both still want one.

Whatever you feel for each other, sometimes break-ups occur because they were meant to. Maybe your break-up occurred to teach you both a valuable lesson as to how much you care for each other or maybe it occurred because your relationship was going down-hill and eventually something would have happened to make it go wrong anyway? So think long and hard about whether you do want your boyfriend back and whether you truly think you could make it work, but remember, it takes two for that to happen.


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