Having Too Many Romantic Interests

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Having too many romantic interests might not sound like much of a problem to you, after all what could be better than spending your free time flirting from the safety of your computer? But it’s important to know the right and the wrong way of handling an overabundance of admirers. Firstly, if you are new to Internet dating, it can be a little disconcerting to start forging contacts with lots of different people. It’s important to discard any guilt that you might be feeling however, there really is no harm in getting to know lots of people at the same time. Providing that you are not lying or deliberately hurting anyone, then you can flirt with several potential dates (or, as many as you like). How else can you tell if any of them are suitable for you?

Whilst it might not sound socially acceptable, at the end of the day, most people who use the Internet dating system are doing just that. The reason is that you put a lot of effort into finding and cultivating any new friendships, it can be days, weeks even months before you get to a point where you wish to meet. Sometimes, romantic intrigue fades long before the first meeting and those carefully cultivated friendships might suddenly die a death if they have been corresponding to others at the same time, and if this happens, you will be glad that you have been juggling other romantic interests as well.

Don’t forget that different people will be offering you different things in terms of romance and friendship. You might chat to and finally get to meet someone who matches with you on many different levels but whom you feel, that you won’t actually fall in love with. There is that missing spark of attraction. Whilst that realisation may make your heart sink, always look to the positive in that there will be those others who will soon cheer you up and you never know, that all-important flirtation and chemistry might definitely be there next time around.

Of course it’s not all about sexual intrigue especially if you are looking for someone special in your life. You might be looking for that perfect partner, that blend of best friend intermingled with someone who is capable of sending shivers up and down your spine. Finding someone who ticks all of the boxes means that you get the best of both worlds so it’s certainly worth holding out for that person, but that doesn’t mean locking yourself away in the meanwhile.

Life is for living after all, we have all had relationship break-ups that have been particularly hurtful and the whole process of separation and divorce can certainly leave it’s mark, so it makes sense to try to live life to the full and just get to know people and to see if something a little more serious in dating terms starts to happen.

When you have several people on the go, you need to seriously consider who you like spending the time with the most. Who shares your beliefs? Who would you turn to if you felt down? Who makes you laugh the most and of course, who would you most like to snuggle up with at the end of the day? Can you be yourself with that person? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you get to know your potential suitors-all of them.

There is no rush to making declarations of love, play the field a little, enjoy your single status and see who is out there. There may be many people who almost tick all of the boxes in the romantic stakes and no doubt, there will be many others who you would never wish to see again. But take your time; cultivate your friendships until your heart tells you who you wish to be with. Of course, you may not like any of them enough to become more seriously involved and that’s ok too.  There is always a positive side to Internet dating and that is to consider how many new and lovely people you can get to know even if it is only to start widening your social circle and to enable you to go out and meet others regularly. Banish that guilt of having a plethora of dates, just think yourself lucky and enjoy it.



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