Start Recording your Dating Memories for Posterity

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You may initially feel that you only really want to create and record memorable times once you have found the love of your life but if you think about it, every experience should be memorised. Even those dates that don’t quite work out the way that you hope shouldn’t be forgotten because it forms an integral part of the person that you are and your dating experiences emphasise a period in your life which could well become special one day.

The best dates may be those where you have had the most fun and felt the most relaxed. Perhaps your date wasn’t the sexiest but was certainly excellent company. To have a good date, doesn’t mean that you have to have that instant wow factor. Ok, it’s great if it happens but to go out with a charismatic soul who makes you feel good, why would you want to forget whatever the outcome?

The best dates are those that feel natural and not forced in anyway. They are the times when you don’t have to frantically think of something interesting to say or worry about how you look or act because it’s like being out with someone you have known for years. Even if those dates come to nothing romantically, you will always remember the fun times that you had and will be able to share your stories with friends and family.

Sometimes those best dates occur in a completely spontaneous fashion, there was no planning, no pre-empting what might or might not happen and no sense of wonderment as to what they are like or of having the opportunity to build up a false impression of them. No formality and certainly no sense of oppression, your date was unplanned, possibly unexpected but unbelievably good whilst it lasted.  It’s true that the best dates have little in the way of expectations and your date starts off with a blank sheet and becomes a journey of discovery. It might have been a dinner date that lasted through the night and you had breakfast before you left, it might have been a lunch date and you didn’t get home until the small hours. Spontaneity adds flexibility and freedom to your date. If that lazy indulgent first date starts to turn into something more, then you have a wonderful starting point to share and to whisper to each other during passionate nights and days of togetherness.

By comparison, some dates are dull, monotonous and completely meaningless. You know that you will never ever want to spend any more time with them and that you were at a loss for words most of the date, wondering what on earth you could say to make the evening take a turn for the better. Hours may have felt like days as you longed for the evening to end. Even though, these dates might not appear on your top ten list of dating memories, retrospectively, they have to make you smile- possibly through exasperation and maybe even disbelief, but what a great story to share with friends.

Recording your dates in a journal or simply committing them to memory is a fun way to maximise each and every date whether you go out simply as friends or if you hope that there might be something more. You can add comments to your journal, personalise it, mark the duration of the date out of ten, and scribble romantic hearts or their name over and over.  Record funny stories, how you felt during the evening and whether you would want to meet them again. Whatever happens after the date, whether it was the first and last or whether it extended to weeks and months of togetherness, it doesn’t matter, you have a personalised account of your time captured forever.

If you can take a date on completely face value you stand a far better chance of success because you come across naturally and that’s an attractive quality, and even without that spark of attraction, that integral sense of intrigue, you can still buy into the date and make it one to remember.

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