Staying Safe While Dating Online

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Of course, after long hours of talking online through chat or e-mailing back and forth, you have to meet that person, right? You have to test if the chemistry is real and if it will stick outside of the Internet. And for those who have something serious going on, or at the verge of totally falling in love, it’s time to meet. It’s time to see if the relationship is worth taking to the next level, which is dating in person.

Before you dress up and put on that perfume that will make him go gaga over you, here are a few reminders to make sure that your first meeting with your online boyfriend (guys, these are good tips for you, too) is safe and trouble-free.

1. Pick a place to meet him instead of having him pick you up at home. Unless you already know this person, you shouldn’t give your home address yet. Make sure you pick a public place to meet, like a crowded restaurant or bar, or even go for a double date. There’s safety in numbers.

2. Make sure you offer to pay for half of the check so that your date doesn’t expect anything in return for a free meal. Don’t get me wrong, this is your first time meeting this person so who knows what he’s thinking, right?

3. Don’t drink alcohol on this first date. Alcohol impairs judgment and again, meeting someone for the first time, but having talked about your deepest, darkest emotions online might make you more vulnerable and you might become easy prey.

4. Bring your own car or have someone bring you to your meeting place and pick a time to have someone pick you up. It’s better to use your own mode of transportation for this first date because you wouldn’t want your date to think you’re an easy catch. And, if you ask him to take you home, he’ll know where you live which is another dangerous thing. Just arrange a second date after you have proven that this man is safe.

5. In that light, never assume the company of that person is safe. Always use your judgment and if your gut tells you that something is wrong, follow your gut. Instincts are usually right, according to some, but it won’t hurt to follow them even if you’re wrong. It’s up to your date to prove that he means no harm.

6. Always let your friends or family know where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Better yet, have some friends come with you to the place you’ll be meeting your date and have them sit at another table. I’m sure you’re date won’t mind the company if he’s harmless.

7. Never give your home phone number. Just give him your cell phone number so that you can easily change the number if he turns out to be a creep.

8. Always have your cell phone with you at all times during the date. You have to remain keen and alert and you have to have your cell phone handy just in case something doesn’t turn out right.

Even if you feel really drawn to this person, it is a fact that you’re just meeting him for the first time. It’s a bad world out there and not everyone can be trusted. You have all the time to get to know this person before you volunteer more information about yourself.

And even before you meet, don’t volunteer to give your home address and phone number, your work information or really private details about yourself even if you feel that this is a person you could trust. It’s always about your safety. Safety above love – there’s no harm in staying safe while dating online.

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