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When Should You Say The L Word?

 Showing someone that you care is easy. It’s all about the considerations, the romance and thinking about how to please each other that makes a relationship so satisfying but telling someone that you actually love them is probably one of the scariest things in the world. In theory, it shouldn’t be, because if you have [...]

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What Men Really, Really Want

There is always a big mystery between men and women. Men find women unfathomable, difficult and alien in their approach and women often find men shallow, unreliable and only interested in one thing. But is this really the case?  Are women guilty of this stereotypical response? Do you feel this way too sometimes when you [...]

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Find a Deep and Meaningful Relationship

Relationships that stand the test of time need to be forged on strong foundations which include shared interests, similar values and of course, that all-important ingredient- chemistry. All of these elements are vital if your relationship is going to have a solid and satisfying component to it. Miss out one element and you are on [...]

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