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Stop your Mid-Life Crisis and Bring On the Romance!

You might be forgiven for thinking that you would approach your middle years with your settled partner and both of you share the ups and downs of any mid-life calamities. However, if you suddenly find yourself on your own and having to start single life again with a whole lot more baggage than when you [...]

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Taking the Webcam Plunge

There is no doubt about it; you cannot beat face to face contact. Sitting opposite someone whilst having a drink or meal and appraising how they act and sound is a great way to know whether there is any chance of that essential spark of attraction. You can often know within minutes whether you are [...]

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Tame your Inner Child and Find Love

Have you ever been told by any former partners that you act like a child? If yes, you will no doubt find it annoying and unfounded but what if there is an element of truth in this statement? What if somehow you are using the same ruses that you used to pull through childhood so [...]

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