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cheap date ideas

Top 10 Cheap Date Ideas

It’s no secret that the eccentric world of dating can turn into a rather expensive endeavor. As much as we’d all love to jet set to Costa Rica on a whim and soak up some sunshine with our significant other, or nonchalantly shell out $400 for a delicious sushi dinner for two at a fancy [...]

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First Date Questions

Top 10 First Date Questions

Let’s be honest, first dates can be extremely intimidating. What do you do? Better yet, what do you say? There is so much you want to ask a person, but how much can you really ask without wondering if you’ve overstepped your boundaries? Of course there are the simple and obvious questions like “what’s your [...]

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First Date Recommendations

If you are getting ready to take someone on a first date, you may be wondering what you should do together. If you’ll just read a little further, you’ll pick up some ideas. Some are relatively inexpensive, some are more pricey, and some are a little more unique. No matter what you choose to do, [...]

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