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Don’t Just Rely on Internet Dating for Romantic Success

Internet dating is a great way to boost your social life and to meet lots of available others but it can seem a cold and impassioned way to pick up a man if online dating is all new to you.  There is no flesh and blood contact in the first instance, no intuitive sensations, no [...]

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How to Spot the Married Man!

You sign up to your favorite online dating service because you really want to meet that special someone. Your friends have all been out and enjoyed lots of different dates and are having a whale of a time meeting a variety of men from different backgrounds and with different professions so you think, why the [...]

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Quick Online Dating Tips for the Beginner

Once you have decided to take the plunge and to start Internet dating, there are some important basics that you need to know. Firstly, romantic success is not guaranteed overnight. Many people set themselves up with the expectation that love is just around the corner and will drop into their laps in an instant, metaphorically [...]

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