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When Should You Say The L Word?

 Showing someone that you care is easy. It’s all about the considerations, the romance and thinking about how to please each other that makes a relationship so satisfying but telling someone that you actually love them is probably one of the scariest things in the world. In theory, it shouldn’t be, because if you have [...]

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Dating and the Family Life

So you have met the man of your dreams, you cherish each and every moment that you spend together, you are so compatible that it’s untrue. You laugh at the same jokes, enjoy the same films, and have read the same books and the sexual chemistry between you almost sizzles. Wow.  It sounds perfect, apart [...]

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Resolve Former Issues on the Pathway to True Love

There comes a point when you have kissed so many frogs that you finally give up searching for your prince. You might even start imagining that single life is yours for keeps and with that you might experience a kind of acceptance even if there is a part of you that desperately wants to meet [...]

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