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Being single might have seemed like the worst thing in the world and you may have wanted to jump back into the dating arena so quickly that you never gave a thought to the potential of meeting not just one man who kind of ticked all of the boxes, but two and now you are in a real emotional dilemma.


It all started off as fun. You got talked into trying out Internet dating and whilst you had little hopes of meeting anyone cute, you had no wish to stay on the shelf for any longer either. So you signed up to a reputable dating site and began to peruse through all of the candidates who met your search requirements and you were pleasantly surprised that there were so many nice looking and available men who you really could have fancied.


It all started off quite innocently. You started narrowing down your selection and added a few people to your favourite’s category and then before you know it, you had emails pinging in and some great messages that worked to pique your curiosity even more. Suddenly you began enjoying the whole Internet dating scenario and found that you were really looking forward to getting your emails and getting to know your favourite guys little by little.


You might have felt a little guilty at writing to a few people and not waiting to see whether which person was the most suitable but you quickly stopped worrying about that as after all, what harm could a little flirting do?


And now you have finally taken it one step further and have actually met both guys and you can’t believe it but every little thing that they have said to you by email, seems to have been true. They both look like their photos which is a real plus point in your eyes as they are gorgeous and they both have wonderful senses of humour that made you laugh constantly from start to finish.


So now what? You know you should really choose between them and focus on just one but it’s an impossible choice for you because they have so many good qualities between them that you are really torn as to who you like. Ok, stop right there and leave the guilt and confusion to one side. There is nothing wrong with holding on and taking your time to get to know each one. It’s important after all to scratch beneath those surface layers and to find out the real man behind the smile. Your dilemma after all just highlights the fact that you are not ready to make a choice and to say goodbye to one and there is nothing wrong with that, providing that you are being honest with each one and not committing to both.


Over time, you will be able to ascertain whose qualities are the most important for you. Do you pick the one who really shares your sense of humour and who continuously makes you smile? Do you love the fact that he has a daring nature and makes you cast your conservative nature to one side? Does he spoil you and live his life on the edge? Does he make you dream about a future that you would never have thought possible?


Or what about the other guy who is kind, caring and compassionate? Do you like how he treats you with respect? Opens doors for you, treats you to all sorts of well-thought out gifts? And do you like the fact that his life is mapped out and that he knows what he wants to do in life?


These kinds of dilemmas should not be ignored. Eventually one person will come out the winner and this is likely to happen once the first flush of infatuation has passed. A clear sense of clarity will follow and you will be able to make the decision, not just with your head but with your heart too.

Until then, be honest but enjoy the attention and relax. Life is for living and you might have struck it lucky by having two such caring suitors to consider.

Image:© Ricardo Verde Costa | Dreamstime.com

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Hi, I'm Pamela and I'm so excited to talk to you about your love life. I've had some really amazing and extremely horrible luck with online dating, so I figure I'd share my experience with the world. Remember to download my Free Online Dating Guide!

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