Taking the Webcam Plunge

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There is no doubt about it; you cannot beat face to face
contact. Sitting opposite someone whilst having a drink or meal and appraising how they act and sound is a great way to know whether there is any chance of that essential spark of attraction. You can often know within minutes whether you are going to want to ever meet them again and importantly, you get to sense
whether that mutual attraction is starting to spark up.

But with Internet dating, it’s not always possible to meet
up straight away. What can be a real bonus as regards being able to chat to
people outside of your local area and literally spread your net far and wide in
the hopes of ensnaring that perfect other, does mean that a quick coffee at
lunch time is out of the question if there is a vast amount of miles between

Emails are fun to write and to receive but they don’t reveal
the true person behind the words. In fact, sometimes emails can be distinctly
misleading. They limit a true indication of personality and it’s easy for
someone who might not be so nice to hide behind some well-crafted sentences.
The downside to Internet dating is that in the early stages you are never quite
sure who you are talking to. The gorgeous picture on their profile might not
even belong to them and they could be totally different in reality.

This is why webcams are such a good resource for getting
to know your date irrespective of the long distances between you. Yes, it might
be slightly daunting especially if you are not very technically minded or hate
seeing yourself on camera but most importantly, it really does give you a
chance to meet your date from a safe distance.

Some Internet dating sites promote video chat rooms and
it is up to you whether you wish to take the plunge into this new dating
resource. You don’t have to until you are ready and you should never be coerced
into doing so. If you decide that it might be fun to go the webcam route, there
are some things that you can do to make the whole experience much more

Firstly, don’t start doubting how you look or sound. You are
you and your date will either like what they see or they won’t. It’s no
different to meeting up in reality except this way you can at least save on
time and petrol if they don’t float your boat. Of course you should make the
effort and try to look nice even if it’s only for your sense of pride and self-esteem.
Think of it as a pre-date; if you like what you see and it’s reciprocated, you
may well get to experience the fun of meeting up properly in due course.

Choose a sensible user name if you haven’t already,
sometimes it’s a good idea to add your location into your user name because it
can help you to get ‘found’ online but this of course is dependent on the sites
that you use or whether you wish to use MSN or Skype for your webcam chat if
you are using a dating site that does not have a specific webcam facility.

Once you start using the webcam, you will soon start to
relax and it will almost become a natural process but don’t worry if you are
really nervous to start with. It works both ways of course and you have to
start somewhere.  The most important
thing is that you act naturally. There is no point trying to be someone that
you are not. Try to forget that the camera is there and just enjoy the experience
of getting to know your potential date. Don’t appear too needy or desperate to
meet up, take your time and get to know each other. You might find that you
know instantly whether you like them or not and that’s ok, just politely
disconnect from the session if you don’t want to talk. At other times you might
start chatting to someone who really sends your pulses racing.

It’s important that you have fun with webcam dating but
never do anything that you don’t’ want to do. A word of warning in that some ‘virtual’
daters like to use this resource as a way of indulging in virtual sex sessions
over the camera. If this is not for you, make sure that they realise you are
not interested. Don’t worry about offending anyone, if they are only interested
in that, they are not worth the bother anyway. Webcam dating can be great fun.
Why not try it and see what you think?

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Hi, I'm Pamela and I'm so excited to talk to you about your love life. I've had some really amazing and extremely horrible luck with online dating, so I figure I'd share my experience with the world. Remember to download my Free Online Dating Guide!


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