Top Dating Put-Off’s

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Dating is a tricky business, there is so much that can go wrong after all, and if you have been single and in the dating arena for a while, you will  no doubt have come to that realisation all for yourself, so what can you do to avoid these dating no-no’s?

Well firstly, dating dislikes are very much on an individual basis. What one person finds incredibly sexy and compelling, could easily be the absolute deal breaker to someone else but fortunately, there are some real common aspects that the majority of daters agree on.

When you go on a first date with someone, at the very least you will have expected them to have dressed the part and to have made an effort; after all, you may have spent an hour or two getting ready yourself. So you might be absolutely horrified if you turn up and there is a distinct lack of hygiene from that supposed new love of your life. First impressions do count as do first odours so make sure it’s not you that makes a bad first impression in the hygiene department.

Another absolute put-off can be clothes. Now this might seem a bit harsh considering you would expect them to be wearing some but apparently fashion is a big turn on or off and it’s not just women who feel like that. Just remember that it’s important to dress to enhance your best features, so if you look great in tight jeans, then wear them, but if you don’t and you have a belly that threatens to hang over the top or those jeans actually won’t do up, then use some common sense and wear something that accentuates your shape. You don’t need to worry about buying brands, just make sure you look and feel good. If your date turns up wearing clothes that are stained with food, then put a stop to the date and leave, if your dates can’t make the effort, why should you?

Money is often considered a real potential put-off on a date. If someone starts brandishing a large wad of cash in front of you, it can be a bit off-putting as can someone who never puts their hand in their own pockets. Money doesn’t really impress and if you are from different class backgrounds, always be happy with the person you are. It can be off-putting if someone blatantly shows that they feel uncomfortable about their money or lack of it too.

Lying is another no-no for most people who go on dates. It’s a huge turn-off if someone you are attracted to is telling you complete lies. Not only is it hurtful but irrespective of the reasons why, you instantly lose trust and you can kiss that potential relationship goodbye. If you have ever been tempted to tell little white lies, then stop and think about it, honestly has to be one of the most important foundation stones for any relationship and the truth will always out.

Going on dates can be extremely nerve-wracking but don’t get tempted to drink too much as this is also another absolute no-no. A date getting drunk is one of many daters pet hates and it can create some very difficult situations to get out of too. If you have ever turned up on a date full of expectation for a fun evening and it was obvious that your date had already had one too many, you will understand the need for sobriety. There is no harm in having a few drinks to settle nerves but too much will just give off the impression of someone out of control. Learn to control any nerves in other ways and not worry about how the evening is going to go.

Sex is always an exciting and yet difficult subject to approach especially on a first date, but for a woman, there is often nothing as off-putting as the man bringing every conversation around to the bedroom and asking you home. So men, it’s time to play it a little more subtle and show a little more patience and respect.

If you can avoid these dating no-no scenarios, then you have a much better opportunity to having the type of date that you will want to repeat and not run from.

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