Turn Internet Dating Rejection into Dating Success

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Nobody likes rejection, especially the dating kind because it’s personal and hurtful. Sadly everyone has to face dating rejection and the pain of a lost love at some point in their lives, it’s as natural an occurrence as drawing breath and if you want to meet that someone special then you do need to take your chances on the dating circuit.

Internet dating gives you the opportunity to spread your net far and wide and to meet men who would not usually venture into your social circle. It’s not so bad if you live in a big city where there are many single others all looking for the love of their life, but if you live in a small town or village, your opportunity to meet someone special is going to be extremely limited. Of course, trawling through all of the profiles on the Internet and finding that compatible other is going to take time and a lot of energy. If you are serious about meeting someone special and avoiding Internet dating rejection then there are some tips you need to adhere to:

  1. Take      your time to review the profiles properly and try to get a feel for the      actual person you are hoping to meet. To start with, have they taken the      time to fill in all of the ‘about me’ fields? If they haven’t, then they      may not even be serious about meeting someone special. Always make sure      that they have a good photo too so you have a fair idea as to who you are      meeting.
  2. Chat      to them for a while by email, IM or SMS, and after a while, talk to them      on the phone as hearing their voices can make a big difference as to      whether you decide to meet. You can also find out a lot more about them by      their direct response to you.
  3. When      you decided to meet, make sure you take your positive attitude with you.      If you are terrified of rejection, then this is the vibe that you will      send out. Developing a positive mindset will help you to project your      personality and a sense of self-confidence and this becomes an attractive      quality.
  4. Be      yourself. This might sound obvious but you would be surprised by how many      people try to emulate someone else and project qualities that they would      like to have. Its all well and good trying to improve how you think, feel      and act but a date is not the best time to start this. Instead, be      confident in your own skin and you will have better dating success.
  5. If      you are feeling a little nervous, you can bet your life that your date is      too. Of course it’s important that you both enjoy the date and do your      best to seek out compatible areas of your life, but don’t worry if you      don’t. Forget being nervous and instead just enjoy the date whether this      person is the right one for you or not, is irrelevant, it’s a social      engagement and one you should make the most of.
  6. Have      some fun questions to ask. Who would they invite to a dinner party – dead      or alive for example? What is their greatest ambition or biggest mistake?      Be prepared to share your own experiences and ambitions too but make sure      it does not sound like an interrogation.
  7. Many      people on their first few dates worry throughout as to how the date is      going. What does the date think about them and is there a sexual      chemistry? The most important part of the date is to simply relax, stop      analyzing and to enjoy it for what it is. Everyone has good and bad      qualities, you might know instantly that the date is not for you in a      romantic sense or you might find that although they don’t meet your usual criteria      in the looks department, that as regards personality, they are intriguing      and yes, attractive.

You might be terrified of rejection but at the end of the day, it’s just a sign of incompatibility and not really anything against you personally. If they say that they don’t want to see you again, then don’t worry about it. If you can manage to take the fear of rejection out of the dating equation, you will quickly start to see dating success come your way.



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