Utilize the Power of the Law of Attraction and Let Love into Your Life

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Have you heard of the law of attraction? It is one of the most powerful forces within the universe and according to information published wide and far about this natural law, like attracts like. Think about how you attract friends to you, have you ever marvelled that you have met up with someone quite by chance and that you have forged an instant rapport? This person becomes instantly close to you and you feel as if you have known them for eons. You share the same values; have similar ideas and you also want to achieve similar things in life. The law of attraction often brings the right people into your life at the right time.

Now this sounds great on paper and if you are a well-balanced, loving caring individual, attracting similar people into your life is a great bonus, so in effect; you are surrounded by other loving individuals and you all share a sense of positivity and balance. But of course, if you are feeling isolated, lonely, rejected, broken-hearted and sad, it is likely that it is those others, who you encounter, and will have shared those feelings in the past or will be undergoing the same feelings right now. This is why sometimes; you attract negativity into your life. It’s like holding out a white hanky of submission to the world and saying I give in, you will attract others who are in the same state of mind, or of course, you attract those sharks that prey on vulnerability.

There are other reasons why you might not be attracting the right type of people into your life. If you have been through the mill emotionally, you can be forgiven for feeling scared and at putting up so many barriers that it is impossible for anyone to break through. The message that you give out to the power of attraction is that you cannot handle emotion, love or trust so don’t be surprised if you meet someone who is suffering in the same way as you. Frozen emotions, a lack of trust and a fear of the future can be very powerful albeit in a negative way. Sometimes you attract those who you need at that time. For example, if you can’t really give any love or emotion at that point, the last thing you want is someone new in your life that is gushing love and affection at you and suffocating you with kindness. You are not ready for this, no matter how kind hearted or genuine this person is.

If you have split up with your partner and are deeply hurt or whether you have lost your partner and are suffering the heart-break of bereavement, in a way for both examples, you have to grieve for what is gone and it is only through under-going this process that can make you feel whole again and ready to move on. If you find yourself wondering why you are attracting dysfunctional others, maybe you need to look at your own life and scrutinize how ‘functional’ your own life is too.

There will be a time however where you are tired of not having that special other in your life and suddenly realise that you deserve to have a loving, caring relationship once more. Suddenly, you realise that your barriers have not just protected you but have grown way too densely and that they need to come down. At this point, you can send out positive thoughts to the ether and say that you deserve to find someone who is kind, caring and loving. Send only positive thoughts out and open up your life to receive not just love but good experiences, money and good health too. In fact, project whatever it is that you need. But send out positive thoughts to the world to help others too because remember, like attracts like, so if you project loving thoughts out you will get them in return.

This might sound a bit ‘airy fairy’ if you would deem yourself a well-grounded individual but why not try it for yourself and send out your thoughts with conviction, you may be greatly surprised by the results and after all, what have you got to lose?

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