Want to Take a Sneaky Peek Inside the Mind of Men?

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How many times have you wished that you could see just what is going on inside the mind of your boyfriend or could take a sneak preview into the mind of the guy who you have been chatting up for months? Would it help you to avoid any of those irritating confusions or pointless conversations if you knew what he was really thinking?

There is no doubt that women find men confusing and vice versa. That the majority of men and women think and feel differently there is no doubt and whilst some men are a little more in touch with their feminine sides making them more understanding, sometimes you will still feel that you are banging your head against a brick wall.

Women have changed so much, become bread winners, bosses, earned qualifications, got promoted, travelled and more. Women are worldly now and whilst there will always be the stay at home type of women, (nothing wrong in that) there are also others who embrace change and become decisions makers. By comparison, sometimes men struggle with their role in the world and before you scoff at the thought, it is worth considering that women now play a much more dominant role in general and this can really unsettle some men to the point that they don’t know just what their own roles are now.

So what do the majority of men want? Firstly, most men are looking to find true love although this might surprise many women, but of course, they don’t just want any woman, they want one who is warm and enticing and not coldly detached. The woman must also be attractive- in the man’s eyes anyway. Women might think that men are only after model look-alikes and they couldn’t be further from the truth. Most men like curvy women and one who takes a certain amount of pride in her appearance.

They want someone who is trustworthy but not the proverbial doormat. A woman who is faithful, enticing and flirtatious within the relationship is exciting to say the least and how much better if they don’t have to worry about her running off into the sunset with one of their friends? For some men, the thought of settling down seems a long way off but that doesn’t mean that they don’t consider it. Men often seek the attributes in a long term partner the same as their mothers although this is often more a subconscious than a conscious choice.

If you want to really connect with a man, having the same sense of humour is so important. Men are attracted to women who can throw the shackles of restraint off and have a good laugh at themselves and with others. This is because your average man wants to share his life with a woman who is not too hung up on the small details but who is able to embrace life to the full and make room in her life for him.

Women are traditionally the supportive caring elements of any relationship and most men would still admit that having someone who loves and cares for them and is not afraid to show her feelings is an attractive prospect.

Really men want very similar things to most women. They want a relationship that is settled, secure and loving but they may just take longer to get to that point than most women. Men also find it harder to communicate their wants and needs and don’t even have the same safety valve as women in that they can talk over their feelings in great detail to their friends. Once they find a woman who fits their values, the woman takes on this role, listening and supporting.

So perhaps with this new understanding, men are not quite such a daunting commodity as you may have believed and if you could take a sneaky peak into the mind of your man, you might be pleasantly surprised as to what you find.

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