When Should You Say The L Word?

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 Showing someone that you care is easy. It’s all about the considerations, the romance and thinking about how to please each other that makes a relationship so satisfying but telling someone that you actually love them is probably one of the scariest things in the world. In theory, it shouldn’t be, because if you have gotten to know someone enough for those feelings to develop, it makes sense that they are going to feel exactly the same for you …right?

The trouble is, you might get on brilliantly and both really care about each other but actual love, the deep and meaningful romantic kind, might not have come into the equation for both of you and this is why announcing those declarations of love is terrifying.

You have to be completely honest about your feelings but you don’t want to suddenly blurt it out at an inopportune moment and after all, these romantic announcements should kind of be done at a moment most fitting. Perhaps during a romantic encounter after lights out? Blurting it out during an argument and then weeping profusely because it all came out wrong, probably isn’t going to do either of you any favours, so always pick your time and place.

Instead of focussing all of your attention on these feelings of love, start planning new experiences together. If you start thinking and acting like a team, both of your romantic feelings are likely to deepen and this will bring you even closer together. A day out to a location that you both want to visit will be lovely and you can always plan a romantic meal for two in some isolated but atmospheric restaurant that you researched earlier.

Give your partner compliments form time to time but make sure that they are sincere. Compliments can be enjoyed by both men and women and should always come from the heart. Telling someone that they look wonderful in that new outfit or how much that you appreciate them can certainly lead on to the moment of telling them how much you love them.

You might wonder from time to time just how much they actually care about you. You know there are feelings there, there is certainly romance and oh yes, there is plenty of sizzling chemistry going on too, but not once have you felt that your partner was about to declare how much they love you. If you are not careful, these doubts could have a way of niggling into your life together, because you will start watching every word that your partner utters and note every little action. Eventually, fed up of not getting those warm reciprocal feelings, you might well blurt out your feelings in a huff or cause a big argument, sometimes over nothing.

You might be the world’s biggest romantic but not everyone feels that way. How much do you really know your partner? Are they the type to announce their feelings for you to anyone who might listen? Or is your partner much deeper than that and prone to shyness and doubts too?

If all else fails, secretly plan a romantic getaway. If you choose a location such as Paris, which is renowned for its romance, this might plant the seed in your partner’s mind. But irrespective of this, you can still plan a gorgeous getaway, champagne on arrival in your hotel, a four-poster bed and a romantic candlelit meal for two. If you get the time and the setting right, and you can build up a loving, caring atmosphere as the evening progresses, then is the time to tell your partner just how you feel. You never know your partner might have been bursting at the seams desperate to tell you too!


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