Who Cares About Age?

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Have you ever glanced across the room and made eye contact with a man who seemed charming, mature and distinguished? Did you notice that little bit of grey around his hairline and thought how wonderful he looked?  Did you toy with the idea of some mild flirtation and wondered whether an older man might be more suitable for you romantically? Or perhaps you looked across the room and spotted a tall, slim, lithe younger man with a body to die for and who made your heart flip in an instant when he looked at you and your stomach started to turn somersaults?  When there is a strong sense of attraction, you might find that you don’t even notice any age difference, all you can see and feel is that you both fancy each other, it’s often when you start talking and discovering things about each other that you first notice that there is a recognised age difference and maybe start to wonder if it’s important.

Some women tend to be attracted to a certain type irrespective of a significant and noticeable age difference. In fact, they much prefer being with someone who is either much older or much younger and men of the same age just don’t appeal. This is personal preference of course and the reasons why they choose this are instinctive and personal to them, sometimes they don’t even know why, it’s just the way it is.

Women tend to be attracted more to older men and this may be because women on average tend to mature earlier so if you date an older man, it’s likely you would be at the same level mentally and emotionally.  If you have ever been attracted to an older man, think about why you felt that sense of attraction. Was it because you felt that you could relate to him more?  Was it because he understood you more, connected with you on an intrinsically deeper level? Did he share your goals, and understand you, the woman?

If your preference is younger men, have you ever asked yourself why? Is it because he is young and virile and he looks up to you? Do you feel more in control? Does he make you feel special and attractive? Is he passionate and enthusiastic?  Or perhaps having him on the end of your arm is akin to a status symbol because you know that many other younger women are attracted to your man?

Age has no concerns for some people. They merely date those who they are attracted to and who they feel are the most suitable for them, providing there is a feeling of compatibility and they enjoy spending time with their date, which is all that they are concerned about. They don’t worry what other people think; they often won’t even notice the age difference.

Sometimes this is the best way to be. You can be oblivious to the things that don’t matter in life and make the most of your relationship. If you can be like this, you welcome people into your life who are right for you, those who do not look at things in a trivial way but those who care about you, your personality, your likes and dislikes. Your date shouldn’t worry whether you are older or younger. It’s about the two people involved. Unfortunately, those outside of your relationship may not agree and feel uncomfortable with this.

Obviously concern from others can be because the age gap is so different, if you are dating a man thirty years older or thirty years younger, it is human nature to question why. And at some point, it is likely that you will begin to notice things about each other that irritate or cause concern. If you are younger than your partner, you may wish to do things differently, go out more and socialise, and your partner may not wish to. There are many odds stacked against a relationship working if the age gap is quite large but ultimately it comes down to the two people involved. If you have taken everything into consideration, then do what feels right for you and you won’t go far wrong.

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