Why Men Must Invest In Their Dating Profiles

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Men can be a little lazy at times and judging by the standard of dating profiles that are published to online dating sites everywhere, it seems that one short cut that they like to take is that of their dating profile, seemingly hoping instead that the woman of their dreams will be psychically drawn to them. Okay, I admit, filling in dating profiles is a bit of a bore, and it’s doubtful that anyone can actually enjoy ticking all the boxes and choosing your ideal partner by specifying height, weight and colour of eyes. Then you get to the part where you need to fill in a self-written description all about you and what do most men do? Just fill in the briefest of profiles or, type an indiscriminate number of letters into the profile box which means absolutely nothing as if that is really going to get the women flocking in your direction.

Now come on guys, do yourself some justice. I know lots of great men who have fallen into this lazy trap and they miss out for sure.  Some of these guys are the ultimate in ‘dating catch’ terms and yet all their profiles say to any potential date is ‘lazy, lazy, lazy’.  After all, if a man can’t write a little bit about himself, what is going to make a woman think that he is a good catch?

To write a good dating profile, you need to get into the mind of the reader, in this case, the women who are likely to view your profile. What is there about your profile currently that makes you stand out from the crowd? Semi-naked or fun photos aside, women are really looking for someone who stands out in a good way and who shows that they can make an effort especially if they are hoping to meet someone special.  Don’t post photos of you and the ex because that can be off-putting, neither should you post twenty year old photos that show you with a full head of hair or a stomach with rippling abdominals and you can even forget the photo of your pet puppy, cute though it might be. So get a good mug shot done and smile, oh and try to look natural too.

You may wish to come across as being the proverbial funny guy and you might state that you have a great sense of humour in your profile but it works much better if you show that you’re funny through writing in a light hearted way and at the very least, be sincere. The main thing is to be original and that means, don’t bother copying someone else’s profile so that you can get it over and done with quickly. Really think about the person you are and make sure that you state your main qualities and don’t be shy. You might feel a bit awkward about promoting yourself in this way but if you are a good listener and kind-hearted, why wouldn’t you say so?

Women will also not wish to see a profile that details a list of must-haves or have not’s such as the woman ‘must be’ a certain size, must have long hair, must be good at cooking or ‘must not’ talk too much. Frankly, it’s off-putting. The same goes for a profile that manages to slate women in general but especially if it focuses on the ex partner and dishes the dirt. You might be wincing at that one and thinking that would never happen but I have seen many profiles do just that and it’s not clever.

You have to get across your personality within your profile because in a way, this is your sales page. This is the only way that any women who are registered to the site are going to want to know you, so it’s important not to waste the opportunity, at the end of the day guys, do you want to meet someone or not?

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