Why Your Internet Dating Profile Speaks Volumes

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If you are new to the world of Internet dating, there is one thing that you need to do to ensure dating success. Your profile on your chosen dating site is your sales page, it’s the one chance you have of intriguing your potential dates and to make them contact you. Without spending the time and energy on your profile and capturing your personality, your ambitions and hobbies, why should someone who is serious about finding ‘the one’ look in your direction?

Here are some top tips to help you write a profile that sizzles:

Firstly, choose a photograph that really makes you stand out from the crowd and by this, I do not mean posting a scantily clad picture of yourself. You would certainly get some attention but it will be from those who are only looking for a little fun. If you want to be taken seriously, have a close-up photo where you are smiling. You can add other photos to your profile too but make sure they are natural and not posed or enhanced in any way.

Create an attention grabbing subject line on your profile. ‘Girl wants Prince Charming’ probably isn’t going to tell them much about you apart from  you after a man but they know that already, otherwise why have you signed up to an Internet dating site?

Your actual profile may seem a bit daunting to fill in especially if you are not used to selling yourself but it’s a necessary evil. One good thing is that you can tweak, amend or delete your profile blurb as many times as you need to if you are not happy with the results. If you find that you are not getting much response from your profile, change your profile photo and re-write the profile blurb.

The idea when writing your profile is to tell anyone who is interested what you are really like as a person so being honest is vital. Whilst there are many profiles out there that are not really true or are at least greatly exaggerated, don’t start off on that route. Honesty pays off. What is the point of lying on your profile? You will only get caught out when your date finds out you are not really a ‘sky diving’ champion or the like.

Before you start writing the profile in earnest, why not jot down some points about you. If you are kind, caring and honest, add these to your list, if you are emotional when it comes to watching sad films then add this too. Similarly, if you are terrified of spiders but help out annually with the ‘save the toad crossing patrol’ then write this too. You are trying to get across your personality after all and so these extra points are much more personalised and will help your potential date to visualise who you are and whether they wish to meet up with you.

Writing a profile that mesmerises and compels others to contact you can be a little difficult. You may feel ridiculously shy when adding all of your good traits to it but forget about that, it’s the way Internet dating works and if you take the time and care with your profile in the first instance, you will soon start to find potentially suitable others in no time at all.

You may have been badly hurt in your previous relationships, after all, who hasn’t been/ But be very careful not to sound bitter about your ex or to write from a negative slant. It’s very easy to vent in a profile and many people do, whether this affects their potential to meet someone really nice is to be proven but the likelihood is, that they might be a little concerned that they will get the same treatment after the date if it doesn’t work out. Remember, once you have arranged your date, you can discuss your life history and his when you meet up, but until then create a positive image that hooks the reader and makes them want to get to know you more.

Be passionate, creative and over-flowing with positivity on your profile and you will soon be arranging your first date. Your social life might never have been so good.


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