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Tired of awkward silences?   Review of

Or a date who seems okay in the beginning, but suddenly mutates into alien form somewhere between the main course and dessert?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit down at the computer, push a few buttons and custom order a date?

Enter Match.Com, a website that allows you to do just that!

One of the oldest online dating sites around, Match.Com continues to evolve and grow, blowing the competition out of the water with its detailed customization features, flexible membership options, and extremely user-friendly interface.

Not sure whether online dating is for you?  Check it out first for free!

Go to Match.Com, fill in the quick search criteria, then register for free to see photos of singles in your area.  Being a free member allows you to create a profile, post a picture, browse matches, send winks and receive notifications on your cell phone.

Since it’s free, you might as well take some time to fill out your profile.  Remember, the more honest you are about the information you share increases your chances of finding the one who is honestly right for you.  Match offers a very detailed profile section for both you and the person you’re searching for.  From appearance, to background and values, to lifestyle – it’s all there.  You simply fill in the answers.

Are brown eyes a deal breaker for you?  Match.Com has you covered with their Importance Feature.  As you begin to answer the About My Date section in your profile, you will notice the Importance line beneath each section.  Is it absolutely imperative your date have blue eyes or can you live with someone with brown eyes?  Checking the Must Have box for blue eyes will insure that Match.Com shows only users with blue eyes  in your search for matches, while choosing the Nice To Have option will simply make those users with blue eyes rank higher in the match percentage than those users with other eye colors.

Ready to start looking? There are a few different search options Match.Com offers, including Mutual Search, Reverse Search, Online Now Search, and Custom Search.  Custom Search is a pretty nifty tool Match.Com has, which allows you to perform searches that may stray away a bit from your usual profile requirements.  Unlike other dating sites I’ve seen, Match.Com has put some work into their Custom Search option, allowing you to temporarily adjust almost anything that is included in your About My Date profile for a one-time search.

Find someone who catches your eye?  Eager to send a shout out?  Upgrade to one of the many paid membership options in order to contact matches. You can subscribe for as short as one month or as long as six months, with the six-month option giving you a sizable price discount.  Be sure to check out the Best Value Plans offered by Match.Com as well!  They offer additional features that aren’t included in basic membership, such as highlighted profiles, read mail notification, and First Impressions.

Once you’ve subscribed, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the benefits of being a paid member.  You’ll be able to see who has been looking at your profile, remove members from view, communicate more quickly with IM, receive SingledOut matches, read and reply to messages from a mobile phone, and have access to matchTalk, a very cool tool Match.Com has that allows members to voice chat without revealing personal telephone numbers.

Still a little hesitant about upgrading to a paid membership?  Choose an option that offers a Guarantee.  This guarantee is offered only for six-month subscriptions and states that if you haven’t found someone special within six months, they will pay for your membership for the next six months.  See Match’s website for specific rules and guidelines related to their guarantee.

So what are you doing here?  Go to Match.Com.  Sign up.  Get a date.  Find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

About Pamela Page

Hi, I'm Pamela and I'm so excited to talk to you about your love life. I've had some really amazing and extremely horrible luck with online dating, so I figure I'd share my experience with the world. Remember to download my Free Online Dating Guide!


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  1. Brysen 07/06/2011 at 7:51 pm #

    That saves me. Thanks for being so ssenible!

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